Monday, April 28, 2008

priceless WORDS than PRADA


Last Sunday (27th April) was my dearly loved IBU birthday.


It was so shuffled at the beginning when on that day (26th April) my dad was attending his best friend’s wedding at Ipoh, me had bowling with my college pals, my brother still in Kuantan waiting for his result and the only person besides her was my-very- garang princess adik and what makes it more jumble when the next day (the exact day 27th April) my brother n sister will b going back 2 their universities, my dad will b going for outstation (definitely dad will bring ibu along) and me living alone @ home. It’s kinda tight when we can’t prepare for her birthday precisely (of cos di dalam hatinya merasai sedikit kesedihan bila pada hari penting, tidak dapat berkumpul bersama).

Minutes goes replacing by hours yet everybody still haven’t come back yet. Me still in Mid Valley, my dad still at Ipoh n my brother still in Kuantan. She watched movie with my sister but her eyes n mind were somewhere undetectable. My sis break the silence “nape bu?” she answered short “ xde lah”. That time the clock had shown almost 6pm (obviously these info was given by my sis. She’s the 1 with ibu kaann).

Sharp 7pm, I arrived at the guard lodge in front of my house surprisingly followed by my dad’s car n behind him was my brother’s car. Alhamdulillah out of these we can put smile on ibu’s face. Once I pressed the door bell, ibu open the door n she smiles as she looked at us... Yes we’re COMPLETE and that is what she expects on her beautiful day.

We had a small celebration at The Western’s Cheras (recommended by Jalan Jalan Cari Makan) on that 26th night (since tomorrow everybody’s will be going our own way). After we had our dinner’s done, it’s hadiah time………………ooopppssss unfortunately we terlupa nak bawa hadiah (since the hadiah was in my car n we out with daddy’s car) but…BUT we replaced it with an announcement of my brother…….(eheh bukan nak kawen ye =p) the most magnificent, wonderful, glorious, amazing, splendid, impressive (hahaaa I knew!!! It’s all have de same meaning..Am just expressing how precious de gift are =p) gift to my 52 years old ibu…these 3 valuable words


It’s only a statement but the meaning of that words can make my parents cry and proud of him...ALHAMDULILLAH my much-loved brother had passed his 7 years medical course with distinction!!! I can call him DR HADI now =D. For ibu, this is the best moment and the greatest gift ever in her whole life =D (yes, positively for my dad too =D)

p/s : kan wen da kate ayat abang lagi mahal dan hebat dr Prada handbag yg berharga ribuan ringgit …sob sob =(

Friday, April 25, 2008


-final blurred pictures-

As I flipping through my picture CDs containing all my tremendous pictures since the year 2003, I found these photos…it was edited by ME when I was in my 2nd year bachelor’s in UNITEN (thanks Allah for still giving me de chance of getting less amnesia). All together I had 6 pictures in sequence with the title SCANDALICIOUS 1, SCANDALICIOUS 2, SCANDALICIOUS 3 and bla…bla..bla…. ~perfect progression from de 1st CLEAR pic until de final BLURRED and unseen pic~ (i know, it always be with the help of Photo Roxio…big thanks 2 today’s technology)

I smile as the memory flashing by =) (yeeess….. I know most of you are eager 2 know de stories behind those pics) the story begins with.....ahha the title “SCANDALICIOUS”.They are my scandals.6 of them!! Hahaaaa what a playgirl =p. Each of them has their own story. Stories that I think I should share out with all of you (perhaps u can take it as guidance). Well, AM NOT GOING TO REVEAL WHO THEY ARE THOUGH, just de stories…

Growing up in CONVENT GIRL’S SCHOOL makes me a bit tardy 2 know the exact meaning of MAN. It’s a first sight love when I saw him. We started as a foe when we wrangled like hell just 2 bind our self-ego. Times goes by until I realized that I like him…we stared evytime we met, we keep ingest our words even lots to say, we sneak a look 4 each other, we’re in our own world evytime our eyes direct into each other for about 2 YEARS. Yet ego against evything. The feelings, the hope and the dream. (It’s a very long grandmother story which I cut into pieces, just extracting de important part..U can get the whole story from my BELOVED SISTER, NURUL HUDA AMIRUDIN 012-7358953)*wink* dipendekkan cerita, de beautiful dreams been snatched faaar away from me when my very own best friend took him as her life partner…wutelse I can say? Wutelse I can do? I can’t blame anybody. I’m de one who supposed to be blamed. Even she knew I fall for him till death (EVERYBODY NOES THAT), BEST WOMAN’S WIN!!! That’s the rules and since that I’ve learnt a lesson –DRIVING ELEVATED EGO, LEADS TO NOWHERE-

As for de 2nd story, I just love de way he kick the ball (bear in mind that am not fully feminine though =D) when I first saw him in football field, ku telah jatuh cinta…hahhahaha yulks!! We never knew each other until I get his phone number (BIG thanks to my bravey buddy CFA) we started to called, texted but he never know who am I (why? I keep it undetectable laa…saham kene jaga maa) so our invisible relationship kept moving until he knew who am I (he didn’t stop investigate) and we still had fastidious flow. That was our best moment!!! We’re bound of blissful even we didn’t attached to each other (de fact is deep inside I really want him to know that I like him). Stories leave by from day yet to another day until he said he’s getting married to a person that cherub by ME!! (Yes, I’M THE STUPID CUPID!! Letting go a person u love to someone and de stupid part was u give him a hand by make things out..AWFUL!!! ) AGAIN, wutelse I can say? Wutelse I can do? I can’t blame anybody. I’m de one who supposed to be blamed!! Keep things unspoken..Few weeks b4 he’s getting married we had our long chat. I told him my “STORY” bout me and him but I used others name so that my identity save in silent and know what?? HE SAID HE HAD DE SAME SIDE OF STORIES AND THAT PERSON WAS REFFERING TO ME!!!!!!!OMG I felt like am the most brainless creature in this whole world!!! But it’s merely too late for us..We can’t turn back time. All we need to do is just pray for each other happiness. Once again I learnt a lesson

Well it’s too long 2 share evyting. The others are just normal scandal like other normal people. Hehee had a large quantity of scandals makes life worth flirty just for the familiarity sake. Now I don’t have to worry, even I still mingle around with those splendid scandalicious like SHASIKARAN, my priority still be my beloved TAN HONG MING =D

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

dust bunnies =D

under this couch i found theeeeeeseee homeless kids =D

This morning after my Subuh prayer, I decided to do a little spring cleaning in my room. One of the things was vacuuming under the couch. (I know... Why? No one ever looks under there anyways. Because, I have weird cleaning compulsions that's why! I'll end up working my tush off cleaning all while and in the end no one even notices. Why? Because... I'm the only one who saw it to begin with.)

Regardless, today I had one of those cleaning itches, which I am so glad I did. When i flipped the couch over... Oh My Goodness! It looked as though I had some little homeless kid living under there. There were toys, candle, candy wrappers, pin, you name it, and all piled in with some Major dust bunnies. It's a wonder i haven't died sitting there breathing all that in. My mom entered the room. To me it was my kiddie belongings and me still snatching and grabbing and digging all in it but for her it was just a filthy gross mess. She felt like she needed a breathing apperatice, just waiting for me to finish cleaning while her mouths lecturing me. After seeing her like that, I've come to the conclusion & I end up her lecture by saying ..."Clearly, I am still little girl, cause that is something I still get a thrill!" heheeee =D

Monday, April 21, 2008

de true definition of HAPPY =D

my-forever-scandal called n we talked for quite minutes
i MISS him dreadfully
~heheee his name is SHASIKARAN~
NOTE-to-my-tan hong ming : sayang,ur madu called just 2 say hello...nothing much ya =D's juz a dream!!

last nite i dreamt of him....(org kate kalau kite mmp org tu,det person tgh trigt kat kt..hehee) i was wondering wut's behind de dream..he called me wif super lower voice telling me he just wanted 2 have a chat.. okla since we did not contact 4 quite sumtyme,me ~still in crazee way~ layan him borak...he said he wanted 2 c say ok,just set de date n time...-deal-

on de day we supposed 2 meet,it was in de garden party (i really have no idea who's party is det) he was faaaaaarrrr away from me until i juz can see him as a tiny dot~but he's there standing steel~ i went towards him but strange thing,he makes himself getting far faaarr away from me..(dlm hatiku gile ape die ni,org kejar,die lari pulak) so i decided to stop n sit at one table but i keep my eyes on him..he smile at me n drop 1 beautiful red rose (he used 2 gimme det rose,tapi dah layu kat umah johor..hahaa) and go..hahaaa mcm dlm fantasy land kurase... me blurrrr at det time take my step i turn back to go,doink~ my lovely tan hong ming stand rite in front of me n he's holding de same rose as the one "he" dropped b4....uhuk uhuk uhuk (ku terbatuk2 kecil =p) i turn 2 look at de falling rose's gone!!! (alah maybe da ade org amek,kan party time tu =p) me yg blur terus pulp!!!! terbangun dari tdo......heheee dah pukul 6.30am solat time :D

sekian cerita dongeng (dream can be classified as cerita dongeng kan??) am not going 2 think bout de stupid dream...well dream is just a dream :)

Thursday, April 17, 2008


erm talk about japan(i HATE !!!)...
i think i miss someone....
-aku tidak mahu kamu-
*pergi jauh-jauh perasaan ini!!!!!

i HATE !!!


Am sure am not alone complaining weneva this thing happen!! Wut in mind will always b “hmm nak kene isik minyak....kuar duit lagi....kalaulah minyak 20sen seliter alangkah indahnya kehidupan” yes oil price is really not sensible! RM1.92 per litre (current price n heard gonna increase to RM2 per litre) n my car needs RM70 for full tank! Akhir bulan lapar,minum minyak tu sikit2!!! doink =/

Wut else can we do? Ignore means no ride means nothing can do...nothing can do means no money means no food means mati lor =( takkan nak gi keje jln kaki? Mau patah kaki... if ever i found a briefcase full with RM100 note, akanku beli kereta solar seperti sewaktuku d jepun dulu...hmm seems like dis problem will keep continue forever n ever............*sigh*

SOLAR CAR -amazing rite? but sorry no car pool =p-

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

cerita CHENTA :)

to : my princess
msg : I LOVE U
frm : ur hunny bunny =D
to : my sayang
msg : I MISS U
frm : ur sayang =D
NOTE : most of our frens think we see each other almost everyday bcoz we both live in kl,cheras 2 b duration 2 each other house is only take about 15-20 minutes but believe it or not, we only meet once a month, accumulate 40 mnts call a week n only 3-4 msgs in a nite...haiyaa,kerja benar2 memisahkan kami......i want 2 b in 4 years from now!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

FUNny =D

It was around 5.40pm n am finishing my work b4 going back. While chatting wif miss ng n my cuz tru ym n msn, my hp yg hdup sgn mati tak mau tu ringing..i pick up de phone…

Me : hello
Anonymous : ya hello,may I speak 2 miss juana pls
Me : yearp speaking
Anonymous : yes miss Juana, am raja from true fitness. R u working now?
Me : yes,am currently working.wut iszit regarding eh?
Anonymous : erm,its like dis miss juana.r u interested 2 be 1 of our gym instructor? U need 2 coordinate bunch of beginners following de session
Me : erk!! heheee am I on de prank line or sumting????
Anonymous : eih no miss,we’re searching for gym coordinator n we found det u’re 1 of de best candidates to be.if u’re interested u can come to our gym @ desa sri hartamas 2moro at 4pm
Me : hahaaa I bet after u see my figure, sure am rejected or even worst u run miles away....hahaaaahaaa
Anonymous : hehee…I’ve been looking at ur particular n ur health report shown a good results
Me : wait,where did u get my particular n health report??
Anonymuous : miss,u registered with us n ur record shown u came twice
Me : owh ya….mmm lemme c n anything I’ll get bck 2 u?
Anonymous : yeah sure..hope 2 c u 2moro
Me : heheee owkay but no promise =D

sounds really FUNNY!!! Me? A gym instructor??nak angkat dumbbell pon malas,lagi nak suh org angkat fitness equipment…hahaahaaaa doesn’t he noe det am de laziest creature in de world 2 do any kind of fitness activities????dets y since registered just been there twice…hahhaaa

NOTE : sesungguhnya saya terlalu impikan penurunan berat badan yg sedap mata memandang ttp dgn mskan ibu yg menyelerakan setiap hari,McD 24jam yg memanggil2 di depan rumah,setiap pelusuk KL yg dipenuhi dgn restaurant2 yg mengiurkan, ditambah pula dgn ajakan ayahanda setiap masa mencuba tmpat2 baru dan kemalasan saya yg terlampau untuk membuat senaman menjadikan berat badan saya semakin menghampiri berat badan seorang sumo..hmm *sigh*sigh*
anybody HEEEELLLP?????????

Monday, April 14, 2008

ur name starts wif.................

Ramah dan murah senyuman. Mereka juga pandai menyesuaikan diri dalam pergaulan selain bijaksana dan cerdas. Kelemahannya, sangat mudah berasa hati, dan mudah mengeluarkan kata-kata pedas ketika meluahkan perasaan marah. Meskipun begitu marahnya mudah reda.
Selalu tenang dalam menghadapi masalah yang rumit dan membahayakan dirinya adalah ciri penampilannya. Mereka juga sangat setia dan penyabar, yang menjadikannya amat disenangi dalam pergaulan. Kelemahannya, sangat mudah tersinggung.
Ramah dan pandai berbicara. Ini yang menjadikannya popular di kalangan rakan-rakan. Mereka tidak bersungguh dalam bertindak dan selalu menganggap masalah yang dihadapi adalah remeh.
Pendiam, bercakap hanya bila perlu. Sopan, berdisiplin dan kuat bekerja. Kelebihannya itulah yang menghasilkan kejayaan dalam mencapai cita-cita. Kelemahannya adalah selalu bimbang dan sukar mempercayai orang lain.
Pandai dan penuh pertimbangan dalam menjalankan tanggung jawab. Sikapnya periang bila hatinya senang, tetapi suka berdiam diri apabila hatinya gundah dan boleh membuatkan hati orang lain terluka.
Punya pendirian yang teguh, tidak mudah goyah dan keras kepala. Mereka juga sukar memaafkan. Tidak setia dan amat berhati-hati bila berbelanja.
Kerap murung dan bersedih hati. Pendiriannya mudah dipengaruhi. Tekun belajar ketika rakannya bermalas-malasan dan sebaliknya suka bermalas-malasan ketika rakannya sedang tekun.
Mudah simpati, bahasanya lemah-lembut. Tidak pernah melukai perasaan orang lain. Selalu tergesa-gesa dalam melakukan pekerjaan, suka berkhayal dan bercita-cita terlalu tinggi.
Suka memendam perasaan dan permasalahan. Mereka juga mudah merasa curiga dan cemburu terhadap orang lain. Suka menangis.
Ramah dan murah senyuman. Mereka juga pandai menyesuaikan diri dalam pergaulan. Mudah merasa ragu dalam membuat keputusan dan tidak tegas.
Pandai berjenaka. Hari-harinya sentiasa ceria walaupun perasaannya gundah. Kelemahannya suka bercerita rahsia sendiri.
Ramah dan pandai bergaul dan mempunyai ramai kawan. Tidak suka bergosip dan mencampuri urusan orang lain. Amat berhati-hati bila berbelanja. Kelemahannya, tidak menepati masa.
Pandai dan kreatif, suka kelembutan dan jika dikongkong, mereka akan berontak. Senang dijadikan sahabat, kerana mereka tidak berkira. Kelemahannya, boros dan keras kepala.
Baik hati dan rapi dalam berpakaian. Mereka suka menghulurkan tangan menolong orang lain tanpa memikirkan balasan. Kelemahannya, mudah bersedih hati dan kurang percaya diri.
Serba boleh. Suka memendam perasaan dan permasalahan serta sukar mempercayai orang lain. Akibatnya ramai yang menggapnya sombong dan suka memilih teman.
Pandai berjenaka dan selalu ceria. Punya banyak idea dan sangat kretif. Sering melakukan sesuatu yang belum dilakukan orang lain. Agak pendendam dan boros.
Setia dan mudah memaafkan orang lain. Suka meluangkan waktunya untuk kawan-kawan. Keras kepala, sukar diatur dan mudah emosi.
Pendiam dan bercakap hanya bila perlu. Tekun dengan kerja yang disukai dan bersungguh-sungguh dalam mengejar cita-cita.. Suka mengkritik. Dan sukar mengawal bicara ketika marah.
Pandai dan tekun dalam mengejar cita-cita. Tidak suka pada orang yang suka memungkiri janji. Kelemahannya mudah tersinggung selain sukar menahan emosi. Jika sudah emosi marahnya meledak-ledak.
Sangat berdisiplin. Selalu mengerjakan sesuatu menurut aturan buku. Tidak suka mengelamun atau bermalas-malasan. Suka menonjolkan diri selain senang gugup, terutama bila bersalah.
Suka berterus-terang dan menyendiri. Naif baginya merugikan orang lain. Tidak tahan dengan kritikan dan kurang pandai menyusun kata-kata jika berbicara didepan orang ramai.
Tutur katanya lembut dan pemalu. Pandai meyesuiakan diri. Selain itu, mereka juga pandai menguasai orang disekitarnya dengan cerita-cerita yang memikat. Tidak suka berterus terang.
Ramah dan mudah simpati. Sikapnya amat menawan. Punya toleransi yang tinggi dan ringan tangan. Keras kepala dan sukar diatur, tetapi hatinya boleh dilembutkan dengan kesabaran dan kelembutan.
Budi pekertinya halus. Suka melakukan pekerjaan sosial. Mudah tersinggung dan tidak akan berbaik dengan mereka yang menyinggungnya.
Pendiam dan tidak suka menonjolkan diri. Ramai menganggapnya sombong walaupun sebenarnya mereka adalah sahabat yang baik. Tidak berani mengemukakan pendapat.
Pandai berjenaka dan menyesuaikan diri dalam pergaulan. Suka disapa terlebih dulu dan gemar menonjolkan diri.

kelemahannya mudah tersinggung selain sukar menahan emosi.Jika sudah emosi,marahnya meledak-ledak
-dan akhirnya saya yang menerima akibat..hmmm-

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

to : a person who used 2 b my FRIEND!!!

dear person,
i knew u always drop by 2 read my’s been kind of u still observing me from faraway. I’ve no idea y u need 2 stop evything all of sudden..well it’s not de 1st time though but it’s really insane that u still repeat de same actions...ermm ya maybe dis will b de last...i neva noe~ but y u need 2 do this? come n left weneva u want..hey am driving human feelings not !@$#%$#^&

Pls respond 2 me!!!
-hikhik,sbnarnye ni jek msg yg nak disampaikan,replyla my msg...atas tu buffer jek..hahhaaa... u ni pon satu,mengade2 nk tunjuk perasaan watpe???replyla msg iiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!ngok ngek betul-

Monday, April 7, 2008


yes!!!!!@ last.....! on last saturday i ate prawn cheese macaroni @ secret recipe!!!!! i think almost 1 month or more den 1 mth am craving 4 this killer food & nyum nyum nyum...heheee dis msg is kindly dedicated to JANICE LOW =D

++2 days wif 2 angels++



Why am i saying this? Because:

1. They noe me better than i do
2. They teach me how to live in this dangerous world
3. They are my love guru *wink* (sounds like am terrible in handling LOVE huh!!)
4. They always be on my side & cheer my life (yg sememangnye sudah CERIA =D)
5. Finally because i love them sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!

Friday, April 4, 2008

++me CRAZEE++

DATE : 29/3/2008
PIC taken BY : AKMAL sambil berkata "gilela u ni wen"
I LIKE...........*wink*

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

kenape kite D.O.M.O.K =p

nyum nyum nyum................................
don't talk lots laaa
just see those pictures
it's my fav dish n am expert in making it...
hahhaaa my ibu always said "S.JIBENG pon boleh buat diikkk"
*for those who doesn't noe who is S.JIBENG,he was a singer in 60's if am not mistaken,era pop yea yea (retro) n he's blind....

mule-mule buy 1 box of KRAFT mac & cheese original

lepas itu pop de packet of the CHEEEEEESSEEE

selepas itu pula mix dlm pan mac & cheese yg nampak chedap tadi

buka api n stir & STIR & stir de meeeeelting cheese to de mac


p/s : 4gt to tell,u need to add half cup of LOW FAT milk to get de creamy taste.. do not use full cream milk or else u'll get 2 times fatterrrrrr.........