Monday, September 15, 2008

Pening Oh Pening!!

can i have extra 5 hours in a day???

adoooiiii i have stacks of work to be done in only a week. And the works need me to hitch here and there in order to make it complete. Penatlaa.............This morning smpai2 je class da dpt result OM which denotes to ketidakpuasan hati ~ can't I get more than enuff??? Huh! mmg manusia tak pernah puas dgn rezeki yang Allah bagi. Well it is true that we should be thankful for what we do have but without perfection, it will turn up to be limitations and from the limitations will transpire the barriers. It’s hard when the barrier get in the way. Semuanya akan reduce to rubble. Hmm nak mengeluh byk pon tak gune. Effort sendiri yang tak lebat nak expect outcome lebat pulak.

Ok2 back to the main point. How to get everything done in 1 second? Possible la tu….somehow kene jugak. So due to that, now I’m doing 3 works at one time. Group Accounting + Individual Accounting + Operation Management
(u imagine how mess I am now). But these things never bother me lot because it can mend in a while. The most important thing that bothering me much is my Term Paper OM. Where to, how to, what to….aaahhhh
*scream scream* due date is next Tuesday but my group still haven’t decide which company we want to waylay. Hopefully by tomorrow (yup, we can’t wait for so long~1 day enuff) we decide and by Thursday everything COMPLETE!!
Pening oh Pening belajar ni……….

NOTE : I was about to post TWO things but i'm totally running out of time. Lemme complete at least 3 things in my to-do-list n i PROMISE to post it a.s.a.p! Catch my next post people =)