Thursday, July 3, 2008


huwaaaa...baru td wen post entry harapan hari esok. tup tup tadi hadi (reminder note: hadi is my life saver) call talked about my laptop. he sounds dull. so we met up sumwhere in serdang. he explained the condition of the laptop.

"wen, laptop u dah takde harapanla...better u jual b4 it comes worst"
"how much kalau i jual"
"around 1k"
"WHAT???!!!! i bought it for 5k n i dpt jual 1k je"

in the car.....

"di, ~me in sad mode~"
"~me too~ sorry can't help"

end up, me officially SELL my laptop. i am soooo sad. i'll be starting my class without the most important gadget for student. hadi did suggest me to take a new laptop. it cost around 3k for dealer price. ade sesape sudi untuk menderma RM3000???? help me please =(


harap-harap saya SERONOK esok