Sunday, July 6, 2008

the name is wen is in love =D

Wah!! at last h.a.r.a.p.a.n yang diharap2kan untuk keseronokan menjadi kenyataan =D i am EXTREMELY s.e.r.o.n.o.k =D the dazzling and tremendous WEEKENDS (Friday and Saturday to be exact). Hoping for the moment to happen again (yaa..i noe it will only happen in 3 yrs time). Owh gosh I am so into this wonderful mode. Eheh,am sure dlm kepale sume mst tgh ade big question mark figuring apelah blissful moment yg wen ckp ni hek. Well, it’s enuff to tell u people that I AM HAPPY WITH MY LOVE LIFE!!!!! Ok now I bet every one of u are able to capture a lil’ bit of the stories =D so teruskanlah meneka dan mereka ceritanya (hahahaaaa sorryla ppl, am not going to say publicly the stories……~private are most welcome =p)


sometimes betul ckp org. dlm kegembiraan mestilaaaa nak jugak ade celah2 kesedihan. like det day i posted 1 entry of h.a.r.a.p.a.n but few minutes later, i got the KESEDIHAN. and today i posted this happy entry but few minutes ago i burst in tears. it's really hard to let the one you LOVE go (take note's GO not FREE) but i just did. even IT IS NOT forever, i feel hard to grin and bear it. Macam2 boleh jadi dlm 3 thn kan? Fortunately his words makes me strong.Takpelah, positively these 3 years time will be the prove of our loyal,faith,patient and sincere =)

NOTE : entry ini memang agak memeningkan sbb kepala wen tgh pening so bile orang pening menulis, penulisannya akan jadi cerita yang pening.kepada sesapa yang tgh pening,anda dilarang membaca entry ini =x