Sunday, November 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Wen :)

Hello people =D

7 Eleven!!!! That’s my birth date means past two days was my 23rd birthday =D Did I mention this is my 23 years of birthday! Does it sounds old enuff? No I guess =D Tak kisahla, yang naik cume “the number” but me will always be me! Daddy’s little girl who still plays with lots of toys and watch cartoon from 8 in the morning till dawn =D. but wary guys, this little girl is not just a girl. She’s a little girl with high deviated IQ =p

Ok, I just wanted to share how’s my beautiful day went through. Started on my birthday eve: me, dad and mum (sad huh without the brother and the sister =( ) went to Damansara for a pre celebration. Owh ho, am the princess =D. Midnight sharp! Messages and calls was like hey, I’m totally a princess =D Next day (it’s my day *wink*) went out for celebration with Mr Tan Hong Ming at Cyberjaya+Putrajaya (I know some of you will say “apelaa yg ade kat sane tu”) but hey, I can say that night was the best moment in 23 years I’ve been living in this world!!! Than the following days, home sweet home celebration grand day (it’s 8/11 but still celebrating. Bajett tuan puterila kan =p). Hadiah waaah, mcm kanak2 seyh : bertimbun =D oh ya forget to mention “I got TWO birthday cake” lalalalaaa *wink*

So people, sape2 yand ade wish wen. THANK YOU shoo much =D. As usual guys, the picas…….. ;) ENJOY!