Monday, April 28, 2008

priceless WORDS than PRADA


Last Sunday (27th April) was my dearly loved IBU birthday.


It was so shuffled at the beginning when on that day (26th April) my dad was attending his best friend’s wedding at Ipoh, me had bowling with my college pals, my brother still in Kuantan waiting for his result and the only person besides her was my-very- garang princess adik and what makes it more jumble when the next day (the exact day 27th April) my brother n sister will b going back 2 their universities, my dad will b going for outstation (definitely dad will bring ibu along) and me living alone @ home. It’s kinda tight when we can’t prepare for her birthday precisely (of cos di dalam hatinya merasai sedikit kesedihan bila pada hari penting, tidak dapat berkumpul bersama).

Minutes goes replacing by hours yet everybody still haven’t come back yet. Me still in Mid Valley, my dad still at Ipoh n my brother still in Kuantan. She watched movie with my sister but her eyes n mind were somewhere undetectable. My sis break the silence “nape bu?” she answered short “ xde lah”. That time the clock had shown almost 6pm (obviously these info was given by my sis. She’s the 1 with ibu kaann).

Sharp 7pm, I arrived at the guard lodge in front of my house surprisingly followed by my dad’s car n behind him was my brother’s car. Alhamdulillah out of these we can put smile on ibu’s face. Once I pressed the door bell, ibu open the door n she smiles as she looked at us... Yes we’re COMPLETE and that is what she expects on her beautiful day.

We had a small celebration at The Western’s Cheras (recommended by Jalan Jalan Cari Makan) on that 26th night (since tomorrow everybody’s will be going our own way). After we had our dinner’s done, it’s hadiah time………………ooopppssss unfortunately we terlupa nak bawa hadiah (since the hadiah was in my car n we out with daddy’s car) but…BUT we replaced it with an announcement of my brother…….(eheh bukan nak kawen ye =p) the most magnificent, wonderful, glorious, amazing, splendid, impressive (hahaaa I knew!!! It’s all have de same meaning..Am just expressing how precious de gift are =p) gift to my 52 years old ibu…these 3 valuable words


It’s only a statement but the meaning of that words can make my parents cry and proud of him...ALHAMDULILLAH my much-loved brother had passed his 7 years medical course with distinction!!! I can call him DR HADI now =D. For ibu, this is the best moment and the greatest gift ever in her whole life =D (yes, positively for my dad too =D)

p/s : kan wen da kate ayat abang lagi mahal dan hebat dr Prada handbag yg berharga ribuan ringgit …sob sob =(