Tuesday, July 8, 2008

STILA lipstick & LAMBOGHINI Murciélago LP640

Stila Long Wearing Lip Color in Exquisite

This is really a nice lipstick-a natural look that is actually pretty long wearing. I bought it on my way back from class today. I applied before lunch around 12 and it still looked nice until now (it's around 5 and i had my lunch just now). The sheen fades a bit but you are left with a nice color that doesn't bleed.

Of course, I've always found Stila a bit expensive, and this product is no different. At RM98, it's a definite splurge. Stila's products are so darn cute though, and I love how this twists up. Not sure if I'll buy it again, but I do like it =D

Ok, back to my story on my FIRST DAY IN SCHOOL. This morning i was thinking to move out at around 8.15 since it's only take about 20 minutes from my house to UPM. On my way to the car, my phone rang..

"dik,where are u?"
"still at home but da nak move.nape dad?"
"jam kat 3 bottleneck area ni..better be quick"

It was raining heavily in kl,selangor and putrajaya this morning. As i was driving out from my housing area heading the Balakong highway, i saw rows of cars on the road. Damn,i should move early!! Tgk jam it's around 8.40 and am still in front of The Mines, around 15 minutes to reach. Apelagi SPEED like am driving a Lamboghini Murciélago LP640 =p. Drive punya drive tgk jam, waaaah it's 8.53 and am not even in UPM area yet!!! Matila akuu 1st day class da lambat.Speed speed speed finally 9 sharp! i was in the parking lot. Turun kete, lari dlm hujan redah lecak (habis suar kotor sket) and i got in the classroom. Luckily lecturer tak masuk lagi.Amin =D and my 3 ½ hour class went smooth today =D hoping for the bright on tomorrow class =)