Thursday, September 17, 2009


Waaah, few days lagi dah RAYA!!!
But so SAD we’re celebrating our 1st Raya here in KL :(
(Not cool for this!!)
2nd day Raya then only back to Johor :)

Dikesempatan ini JUANA @ WEN ingin mengucapkan
to all viewers / friends no matter who you are, where you come from
either wen kenal atau tidak
I’d like to say
for any ter...ter... in this blog as well as in our daily meeting
maybe any of my writing / saying tersinggung sape2 ke
i didn't mean it and it's not referring directly to you

once again
have a BLAST SYAWAL people!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dedicated to Ayeen Darlingsss :) (PINK is her fav.)

I’ve been called to post an entry about fairy tales stories. My very sweet beautiful friend posted on her facebook status saying “Someone should sue Disney for planting little girls mind which there will always has a prince charming for the girls and live happily ever after” (I’m sorry Ayeen, I couldn’t remember the exact sentence you’ve posted but people, it’s something like this).
She is so true in giving such opinion and it’s very common for people like us thinking that way. Fairy tales stories will always end up happily ever after, living with the prince charming, beautiful princess talking to the sweet animals as their friends, having good life (even she have been the stepmom’s servant for quite some times :p), beautiful voice to sing their favorite songs, lot’s of candies and chocolates everywhere, been dear and missed by everyone and yada yada beautiful and amazing thingy. When a little kids watch the stories, there will be nonstop smiling and laughing by them. (I’m trying to be exaggerate :p).

But hey, in my opinion as a fairy tales lover (yes, I can’t live without fairytale, cartoons and all the kids stuff!!), Disney shouldn’t be blamed. What they tried to enlighten is that everyone deserve a happy life throughout the days and the kids should understand since young the concept of “we can change it” instead of “it’s all fated” then end of the day, the happiness is there :). Yes I admit, living in this world has tons of things to think, tons of problems to faced, tons of matter to cry and laugh on but hey, try to enjoy your life. Don’t let those things screwed your life. Living in this world is a chance to face, try and repair whatever been fixed by the creator. That is what we call as challenge! Up to my time of living, I faced tons of tribulations but I tried to swab it away bit by bit because Disney thot me of doing that, and I know my life will be happily ever after, InsyaAllah :)

So Ayeen dear, it’s not wrong to think as what u supposed but as I said, cheer yourself as how the fairy tales did. Indeed you are a darling person which everybody loves you most dear. The fairy tales story certainly our life tales :)
NOTE: To my dearest reader, this entry is cordially dedicated to you all as well. We try together to be better and better than yesterday. With warmly and sensible heart, I would like to say I LOVE YOU guys soo much!!

Cerita hari semalam

People people people!!

My car got hit by a drunk old ca ya nun aliff while I’m driving to school yesterday!! The worst part was he went out from his car in unconscious condition, unzipped and unbuttons pants, smiling like not knowing anything and incessantly pursing his lips toward me WTF!! Called THM for the price of the reparation and asked him to pay me. He refused and tried to seduce me oh WTF WTF WTF WTF!! Few minutes after, dad came and had a slow talk with him. Cool je daddy confront and me still like crazy women asked him to be fast (I’m late for school people, its 6.15 and I’m still at my housing area!!). Got the money and made my way to school. Feel annoyed not because of the damages but because of the old mad cow!! Hiiissh tak pernah pulak accident dgn org mabuk ni…Hmmm…….

After Subuh prayer this morning dad had a talk with me.

“Dik, next times don’t be too harsh. I knew it was his fault but I think you shouldn’t
yelled to him like that”

“I’ve no idea nape I marah sangat dad. I noe sikit je… Maybe because of him kot…..”

~Daddy sayaaang, I have to be that way. Orang lelaki mmg tak boleh diberi muka nnt dipijak kepala. Orang perempuan tak boleh lemah, if you know its right to do what you think is right, just do!! Baru orang lelaki takuuuttttt…right giiirrrlllsss????!!!

(Sorry there's no Wordless Wednesday post today due to this entry)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Tennis Thoughts~Serena Oh Serena.....

Serena Williams lost her semi-final match at the US Open 2009 against Kim Clijsters in a controversial way. Serena was 4-6, 5-6 and 15:30 down when she served a second serve and it was called a foot fault by the line judge.

That meant 15:40 and two match points for Clijsters. Serena at first seemed to accept the call but a few seconds later she exploded and threateningly waved her racquet towards the line judge and definitely said a few harsh words.

Serena Williams threatens the line judge after a foot fault call. The line judge was encouraged by the chair umpire to tell what Serena said and it seemed like Serena said that "I will kill you…" or something like that.

Anyway, the tournament referee (Brian Earley) was called in and according to the rules if the player threatens or curses towards any of the umpires, he or she gets a warning. Since Serena already had a warning because she smashed her racquet previously in the match, her next warning meant a penalty point. And since it was 15:40, that meant the end of the match. Brian Earley calmly explained the situation to Serena and she quickly "got it", walked to Clijsters, congratulated her and walked off the court.

Here are some questions to consider:

1. Was the line judge right to call the foot fault?

Yes, absolutely. I don’t think the line judge had any desire or motif to cheat Serena; she was just watching the line and noticed that Serena had touched it with her shoe. If you’re Serena fan, you may say that the line judge didn’t get the seriousness of the situation and could have easily overlooked that one or two millimeters that Serena got closer to the net since that really didn’t affect the outcome of the point. In other words, the line judge didn’t have the feel for the situation and should have been silent. Of course, if you’re Kim Clijsters fan, you’re 100% behind the line judge because rules are rules and if Serena touched the line, that’s a fault. It’s her fault if she is serving so close to the baseline. She could have easily stand one inch away from the baseline and that would ensure that she would never make a foot fault while at the same time not affect her serving percentage in any significant way.

2. Was the tournament referee – Brian Earley right to enforce another warning to Serena and thus a penalty point?

I think there is much less room for maneuvering. It was clear that Serena was threatening the line judge even when the supervisor was coming on the court. That is not allowed and with so many cameras around, the referee could not down play the seriousness of Serena’s behavior. He had to follow the rules and again it was Serena’s fault. If she hadn’t smashed her racquet and gotten a warning already, she would only get a warning here and the score would stand 15:40. I think it’s really down to Serena’s own faults that she lost the match in that way. She could have been serving an inch away from the line (should have been taught that 20 years ago) and she could have been smart enough not break the racquet because she knows the rules and she knows that breaking the racquet automatically means a warning. She probably also knows what are the consequences of talking directly to the line judge – that’s why you’ll see the players in 99% of the times complain to the chair umpire when they don’t agree with the call of the line judge.


Should the line judge have overlooked the minute foot fault that Serena made considering the weight of the situation?

Should the main umpire or the referee let Serena get away with her behavior?

And should Serena carry all the responsibility for what happened?

~Owh pleaseeee, i'm in love with her outfits!!! Tan Hong Ming dear......belikan :p~

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

How's ur 09-09-09 people??

Hello people :D

How's your day on beautiful date? My 09-09-09 was tremendous!! Same as my 08-08-08, the day was full of happiness!! Let us see what was actually happened :p

Time: 10.00am – 11.30pm
Person’s involved: Uncle Joel (he’s my crazy sporting uncle :p) and Tan Hong Ming
(he’s my lovely enduring soul mate :D)
Thing’s regretted: Forgot to bring the camera to captured the memory :( REGRET GILA KHINZIR!!

10.00: Went to Uncle Joel’s house n fetch him
(he’s sleeping because I breach my promise to come at 9.00...haha)
10.30: Went to MPSJ to bayar saman (Bangang gile!!)

11.15: Went to Kamal’s Bookstore at HKL, bought 1 medical book cost RM220
12.00: Reached MidValley for “Hari-hari Shopping” haha (cute kan name tu?)
We bought: Renoma Executive suits –RM400 (for the loves one :D)
Peach beaded Baju Kurung –RM200 (for the loves one :D)
Pierre Cardins t-shirt –RM 87

Aramis Perfume –RM 220 (the promoter yang bap*k tu adore at my uncle….owh statement..hahhahahahhaha macam sial ok!!)
Hush Puppies Sandals –RM197

British India short pants –RM98 (was thinking to take 1 more pants, but need to wait for 3 HOURS alteration. WTF??!!!)
5.30: Stuck in Federal Highway until pening
7.oo: Reached Ali Café for the fast breaking cost RM46 (quite cheap since we ordered tak hengat gak laaaa)
8.30: Went to Mydin Mall for some groceries
9.30: Headed back to Cheras to meet Tan Hong Ming
10.20: Berkenchan sama Tan Hong Ming :D

Expenses of the day approximately RM1500!!! Ni betul-betul “Hari-hari Shopping” hahhahaha Overall, my day was excellent!!! Uncle Joel’s rawk!!!!

(Duit nak pegi LONDON mana? hahhahahahaa )

YES E-X-C-E-L-L-E-N-T! ....thanx dzudzu menyedarkan aku..hahahhaha)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Janji tak nak tidur lame lagi ;)

  • Terlalu banyak tidur atau tidur lebih dari lapan jam sehari tak hanya akan membuat anda dicap sebagai pemalas tapi juga membuat anda cepat mati. Wah...!

  • Penelitian yang dilakukan oleh Institusi American Cancer Society ini melibatkan 1000 orang relawan dari beberapa negara bagian di Amerika, dan berhasil mengungkapkan bahwa orang yang tidur 8 jam sehari ternyata berisiko 12% meninggal lebih cepat.

  • Risiko ini meningkat menjadi 17% pada orang-orang yang tidur 9 jam sehari.

  • Risiko kematian yang paling besar terjadi pada seseorang yang tidurnya mencapai 10 jam sehari, yaitu mencapai 34%.

  • Mengapa tidur lebih dari 8 jam sehari tidak dianjurkan? Profesor Daniel F. Kripke, salah seorang peneliti mengatakan bahwa terlalu banyak tidur sama seperti terlalu banyak makan. Tubuh tidak memerlukan lebih dari yang ia perlukan, terlalu banyak tidur hanya akan membuat organ tubuh melemah. "Sebaiknya setiap orang mempunyai kebiasaan tidur 6 @ 5 jam sehari, tapi harus tidur yang berkualiti. "Tak ada alasan untuk menambah jam tidur, tubuh akan memberitahu kita berapa banyak jam yang ia perlukan untuk beristirahat, " ujar Prof. Daniel.

  • Jadi, merujuk pada penelitian di atas maka dapat diambil kesimpulan bahwa tidur 7 jam sehari adalah yang terbaik. Penelitian tersebut menunjukkan bahwa tubuh paling merasa nyaman jika hanya tidur selama 7 jam. Tak ada masalah juga jika tidur kurang dari 7 jam sehari. Misalnya, 6 atau 5 jam sehari. "Tapi ingat, tidak baik bagi kesihatan apabila Anda terus menerus tidur kurang dari 5 jam sehari dlm waktu yang cukup lama," ujar Prof. Daniel mengingatkan.

  • "Kalau selama ini anda tidur lebih dari yang diperlukan oleh tubuh, maka mulai sekarang hilangkan kebiasaan tersebut. Tidurlah yang berkualiti dan yakinlah bahwa tidur selama 7 jam sehari telah mencukupi dan membawa impak yang positif bagi kesihatan anda.." ujarnya.

Berapa % agaknya nyawa kite dah berkurangan? ish3...

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Macam nak tau ape jawapnnya?

1. Mana RIZAL pergi? dah lame u tak comment entry2 i (hahaha see Riz, i miss u kan i dah kate :p)

2. Tahun ni tiada siapa mahu kasi wen kad raya ke?

3. Along menipu kate blog dah nak siap, dah nak siap tapi tak siap2 lagi..along tak start lagi kan?!

4. Bila thesis wen nak siap? Prof. dah tanye2 dah tapi tak sedar diri bila ntah nak start?

5. Berapa umur Fady ek? Ada sape2 tahu tak mana nak cari umur sebenar orang? Haha

6. Bila wen nak g main bowling dan sape nak ikuuut :p (oh, bile nk buat lubang bola?)

7. Kenapa orang tu stare kat wen dari tadi? Rase rambut mcm clear (takde ketombe), baju ok, seluar zip..den kenapa eh? (wen bukan kat rumah)

8. Kenapa tak sabar nak tunggu Khamis depan ek? Hikhikhik (ok, Fady suke kutuk gelak yang ini) Harap2 semua jadi, okeeeh :D

9. Hish masa ni berjalan lambatlah ek? Kenapa bulan puasa, makin lambat?

10. Nak tau tak, rupa-rupanya ramai tak tahu nama penuh wen. Haha tapi bila wen kasitau, mereka tak percaya. Kenapa ek?

12. Bulan puasa tak baik kan mengumpat? Orang yang dengar pon dapat dosa kan? Paz, jauhkan diri dari wen dan sila ke tempat yang lebih cozy!! Haha

13. Susahnya nak cari duit. Ada siapa2 nak sponsor wen pergi London?

14. Fady, JOM JALAN!!!! nak?

15. Sem ni boleh tak wen dpt 4flat? Haha pemalas macam cow (kalau cakap bahasa melayu macam harsh :p), suka berangan lebih :p

16. Apela ibu masak untuk buka malam ni?

17. Macam mana nak jadi active dan productive hah? Wen skarang dah mcm ular sawa kekenyangan 24 jam which denotes to sangat tak bagus kan?

18. Perasan tak no 11 takde? (Mesti ade yang scroll balik ke atas) Hahahahaha sengal~

19. Bilalah boleh menang RM1 juta dari Power Root "You Can Be A Millionaire" Contest? Ada sesiapa minum Power Root? Tolonglah register contest tu atas nama Wen ;D

20. Mesti lepas bace semua ni ade orang ckp wen dah takde kerja kan? kan? kan? (sebenarnya ni tgh kerja, untuk dptkan sponsor nak pergi London. haha uncle mesti faham ;p)

So far ni je yang nk tanya, nnt ade lagi wen post lagi..hahaha (mode cari duit :p)

Friday, September 4, 2009

Result SPM Hang Tuah :D

This vid’s hilarious
Makes my tummy burst out loud!!!
Thanks Aed!! Hahahaaa if byk vid cmni, bolehlaa g London cepat :p

Milano's Spree :)

Hello people :)

How’s your Ramadhan? Harus GREAT dong!!! It’s been a while since I left the last entry here dengan alasan yang same sepanjang Wendut menceburkan diri dalam dunia blog, MALAS!! (cmni aed nak suruh wen cari duit tru blogging?? Hahaha HARAPAN je laa :p) ok2 back to the story…last night we had our fast breaking cum my dearest uncle’s birthday at Pizza Milano, OU (ini dibelanja oleh my 2 lovely cousins, TQ KAKAKS :p). Why Milano? Because my beautiful mother is craving to have the pizza with extra cheeeeese bite and the pastas :) We arrived around 6.15 and since it’s still early, we went to Parkson to buy some bulbs for my uncle’s house. Around 6.30, both kakaks called n asked us to come over. We went there (owh, I met Kiera in the middle :D) n ordered whooot gile kentang mcm tak mkn setahun!!! 2 pizzas, 1 chicken carbonara, 3 seafood aglio olio, 1 chicken fettucine alfredo, 1 muchroom soup with garlic bread, 1 spaghetti bolognese, 1 meatball Bolognese, 2 beef lasagna :D Tak cukup meja to put all the food uols :p We’re there up to 9pm n we made our move to Ikea to buy some prezee for my cuzzy Sis Valli’s and my adorable friend Aileen’s wedding :) but tangan still sempat mencapai some stuff since dad pays all..hahaha kamu suka mengambil kesempatan tau Wendut!! After habis berbelanja was thinking to buy the curry puff yang yummy at Ikea but unfortunately dah habis :( so we take the free soft drink jeee :( after that drove back hantar uncle Jole’s and headed to Ilsas to take my car. We reached home around 12. Sampai rumah, solat tidoooooooooooooooooooo smpai Fady kejut untuk bangun pagi sbb nk belajar (oh kunun-kunun :p)

NOTE : Yang baju purple n pink tu my cuz, yang potong cake tu my uncle, yang jelita dan tampan tu my parents, yang baju hitam tu my sis and yang sorang baju biru tu jelitawan yang sangat jelita..haha and semua di atas tulah makanan yang disenaraikan tadi..hehee :D BIG THANKS KAK NISHA AND KAK HID. I LOVE U MUCH!!!