Wednesday, May 7, 2008

sawadekaap =D

Pretty much since some of my viewer requested for the Bangkok stories, lemme makes my stories short and simple.

1. We arrived at Bangkok airport around lunch hour and we had our very 1st lunch in one food court and there is only 1 Halal food stall there. The food doesn't really taste good but with the help of cili padi,i manage to eat it =)

shrimp paste fried rice but it doesn't have the shrimp paste taste =p
2. After lunch,we straight away transfer to Pattaya. We went to Nong Nooch Vilage where this place belongs to a 50++ y.o women and this beautiful flowery garden is 15 acres. So big yet very clean. You can see more photo's by viewing

3. Then at nite, we had our most terrible experience ever. Watching the stooooooopid shows. I better keep my mouth zip on this story orelse lots of bad words cme out....*ggrrrrrr very geram!!!

4. Check in Golden Beach Hotel in Pattaya and at midnite we went to night market and went lepaking at Mc Donalds there. 1 thing bout McD here,every of their McD have Mc Cafe where they serve coffee and pastry just like Starbucks. I tried their Chocolate shake..Nice =D

5. The next day we went to Coral Island. Some of the activities there was parachute, polisentri (heheee it's actually gun shooting), banana boat and other sea activities. Nice but enuf to burn my skin =(

6. After that we transfer back 2 Bangkok and otw, we stop to tried roasted coconut. DAMN NICE!!!! i SWEAR neva taste delicious coconut water like det b4....

7. Again we stopped at GEM Gallery to see how those Gem been made..tau pakai je tp xtau pulak cmtu care buatnye..hehee nice experience =D

hahaa gmbar x sesuai ngn cerite's in GEM Gallery

8. Next day in Bangkok, we went to many places such as Floating Market on Chao Pharaya River,Wat Arun (temple od Dwan),4 Faces Buddha,Safari World & Marine Park.Very penat until det nite i can't go anywhere just lepaking in Grand Ville Hotel Bangkok room.

Floating Market on Chao Pharaya River

Marine Park

Safari World

Wat Arun (temple od Dwan)

4 Faces Buddha

9. It's the 4th day and its the time for us to go back home =(.We stopped by at the very-famous-bargain-market Chatuchak market and evrybody's are like crazee mengangkot barang..heheee i spent THB7000 there =p

10. We're at the end of the journey. Eventhough the weather in Thailand was very very very hot,we enjoyed every single minute when we're there. So,where to go neeeeeeeeeext =D

Bangkok Airport =)

wordless stories...

eheh,i promise to tell you guys bout my Bangkok + Pattaya trip aite
but seems it lots and definitely loads to tell la....
me sangat2 malas nak bercerita..
so,let the pictures tell u de stories =)
click here n enjoy de pics ya....