Wednesday, April 9, 2008

to : a person who used 2 b my FRIEND!!!

dear person,
i knew u always drop by 2 read my’s been kind of u still observing me from faraway. I’ve no idea y u need 2 stop evything all of sudden..well it’s not de 1st time though but it’s really insane that u still repeat de same actions...ermm ya maybe dis will b de last...i neva noe~ but y u need 2 do this? come n left weneva u want..hey am driving human feelings not !@$#%$#^&

Pls respond 2 me!!!
-hikhik,sbnarnye ni jek msg yg nak disampaikan,replyla my msg...atas tu buffer jek..hahhaaa... u ni pon satu,mengade2 nk tunjuk perasaan watpe???replyla msg iiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!ngok ngek betul-