Monday, August 25, 2008

+tiba2 hilang sabar+

Heyya people……..

Let me start blogging with my weekends. Plus minus what I can say my weekends gt a vast fusion of sweet and sour. The sweet part was attending my brothers’ convocation on Sunday, proudly saw him received his scroll on the stage in his kluk-klak-klang suit and the sour part was unattained most of the question in the exam correctly on Saturday plus, yes plus couldn’t get to meet my baby Kim and Amy on their convocation and been clogged by police on my way back home…….DOUBLE FAILED!! Owkay, enuff for some intros.

Today am gonna talk about impressionist. What does it mean by this word? Well, an impressionist is a person who’s having split personality. They don’t know which comes to suit them well. Can be said 100% of their life are originated by surrounding. What they see, they definitely will follow. In any ways………..I do knew some people from this faction. They’ll try so hard to get into your territory. Just to be like you! It will be pretty much OWKAY if they hardly ever dig the ideas but, but it will turns up to be extremely annoying when it comes to always. From the way you dressed, the way you put everything’s in word, the way you laugh, the way of doing every single thing, positively will be duplicate by them. After all these, proudly they were like telling the whole world they are on the top of everything! And everybody’s like behind them.

Oh pleaseeeeeeee…………………………………. It’s totally irritating!! Can’t they just be themselves? Hey come on, if you think you can produce much ideas than others, bring it on!! Why do you still having other pieces of mind?! You are nowhere in this world guys! Owh maybe some of you will say “biaselaa, semua orang pon mengikut2…..” yes I admit it. People tends to go after their desired to satisfy their hunger in something, but what am stress on here is people just take it as a model not reproduce every single of it. It doesn’t make sense la kan….You see, u ripped, u tell peoples, u concoct it…So people if u think u’re one of them (obviously u won’t admit kaan…but do remember, people around you are aware and they HATE it!!!) be creative…be, be C.R.E.A.T.I.V.E!!!!

Note : I don't give a damn pada mereka yang terasa. Totally infuriating....!!