Sunday, November 30, 2008


today if you are feeling stress,
close your eyes and just go with the flow...

(will end soon, InsyaALLAH)

NOTE : Dear people, I'm taking a short Break until i get myself back! In the meantime Feel free to lurk about my older posts. If You would like a Notice of return please email me at Be back soon, Thank You!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

so WHAT!!!

Oh woe is me!! blah blah blah....I'm so fed up of everybody having a "sad story"...almost as if they alone are plagued by the crap this world sometimes dumps on us!!!

oh shit man...everybody has a "story". Everybody has had disappointment and sadness and yes some people may go through a lot more shit than others...but that doesnt make you or them any less of a person.

So what...bad shit happened to you when u were little...the shit still keeps on coming, but are u gonna let that dictate ur pace today? Are u gonna let the negative take over the postivity of LIFE?

No and again NO!!!

We are who we want to be...since the all the power of our destiny lies within us! It is up to us to unleash that power on this shitty world or let the shit of this world consume us!

over and out...
Luv's enuff ppl!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

It's SCHOOL HOLIDAY people!!!!

Hello people..

How’s your weekend?? Me! Owh tremendous!! Why?? It’s SCHOOL HOLIDAY!!! Yeah am not enjoying any school holiday anymore, but hey who cares, their school holidays are also mine!!! Hahahaa =D not only weekends but my weekdays was filled with fantastic activities (of course with the kids or I rather call them “segerombolan kanak-kanak liar” =p) we went to lots of places in KL basically but hey KL has lots of lovely places for kids tau!! From Desa Waterpark to Sg Chongkak, from Sungei Wang to KLCC, from Taman Tasik Perdana to Botani Garden, from Bird Park to National Zoo and of course different new restaurant we tried EVERYDAY!!!! Muke dari putih (tak putih pon sebenarnye, but fairer than nowlaaaaa) jadi rentung, badan dari kurang gemuk (rather use this word than kurus because am soo soooo sooooo not kurus. Hahaa) jadi montel+ tembam+ debab+ super gemok!!!!!! Hahahhaa apela nak jadi ngn aku ni =p

Ok2 back to the sweet stories =) actually am the one who exported them from Johor. 16 of them age from 4-15y.o (that’s why I rather called them SEGEROMBOLAN kanak-kanak liar =p). Just imagine how I guide whole bunch of kiddy for each activities (dah mcm rombongan sekolah okeh =p). The best part I’d say was when we went to the National Zoo. It brings my thought back to 1992 when I was in primary 2. That was the 1st and last time I went there but today hey I’m the leader of the kiddos!!!! See how fast the time moves yet to another stage =) Sungguh teruja melihat haiwan2 yang berada di zoo as well as seeing the kids running here and there to see and feed those animals (by far I saw myself in them back in 1992 =D)

Huh, super HAPPY when i started to talk bout kids and stuff related to kids =) as my preeeeevious post, i did mentioned my passion towards cartoons and toys are beyond everything in this world. Hope my future husband will adapt with this (attention MR TAN HONG MING or anybody yang rase2nye will b my future hub......=p) You guys can come to my house and see my toys collections (sure u'll say "ni bilik kanak2 ke ape" =p) but no Barbies or girly-girly toys okeh =p. Ok stop STOP!!! Once started can't stop pulak talk about it =p

Owh i think enuff for now. Got to run... I hear Ami (he's the youngest in the group) turning my mom's microwave oven on and off!!! (it's not easy to baby-sit the little one. TRUST me!!) untill now, see ya in my next post people =D

Friday, November 21, 2008

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

inilah kehidupan......

STUPID huh??

Hiburan Malam =p

Bahagianya malam di Lekas Highway
Jumaat malam hari itu
Hati kite gembira
Kite jumpe dia
Kite ke Uptown dulu
Around 1 jam
Terus kite ke Lekas
Kite lompat-lompat
eh bukan, KAMI happy

NOTE : This entry been posted by request of Mr Tan Hong Ming. Hahaa KAMI in sewel mode =p

Friday, November 14, 2008

she makes me do this!!

i live with FAKE people around me
i'm not going to do or say anything
except a lil' reminder to the FAKEYS


Monday, November 10, 2008

65 Ways To Improve Your Life =)

The following do not come naturally to me.
Not at all really.
These are things I am working on.
For some people they do, so if that is you, this list is unnecessary.
For me; however, I have to make a conscious effort to do these things, so I created this list as a reminder for myself.I thought others might find it useful too.

How Did I Do Today?

1. Did I look people in the eyes?
2. Was I patient?

3. Did I listen and show interest in others?
4. Did I talk to at least one friend?
5. Did I react calmly to bad news/trials?
6. Did I say something nice about someone to someone else?
7. Did I refrain from thoughts and words reflecting sorrow for myself ("complaining, whining, "poor me")

8. Did I refrain from embarrassing others?
9. Did I refrain from yelling or angry words?
10. Did I pay attention to and appreciate my life, thoughts, actions, others around me and my environment?
11. Did I think/pause before speaking carefully?
12. Did I point out the positive?
13. Did I show affection to family members?
14. Were my words loving?
15. Was I totally honest?
16. Did I read and meditate on scripture?
17. Did I direct my thoughts to prayer?
18. Did I read other inspiring books or literature?
19. Did I inspire others?
20. Did I record my life feelings and events (photos, journal, blog)?
21. Did I think about/ express what I am thankful for (rather than harboring my troubles)?
22. Did I give my time to each member of my family?
23. Did I refrain from gossip or spreading a toxic environment?
24. Did I refrain from blaming?
25. Did I refrain from thinking people are better or worse than me?
26. Did I look for the good, found the good and talked about the good?
27. Did I seek to improve myself rather than seeking to improve others?
28. Did I take inconveniences and frustrations in stride?
29. Did I portray humility, rather than pride?
30. Did I encourage others (to be their best) ?
31. Did I choose a positive attitude despite circumstances?
32. Did I use my creativity and imagination?
33. Did I use my talents to bless others and express myself?

34. Did I look for ways to spread goodness in my environment (uplift, comfort, praise, give hope, celebrate, honor, appreciate, offer service, listen or teach)?
35. Did I make others feel good (special)?
36. Did I limit my TV/DVD viewing?
37. Did I watch, listen to and read uplifting material?
38. Did I limit the time I spent on the Internet/computer?
39. Take a genuine interest in all people (notice)?
40. Did I learn new and practice skills (photography, writing, gardening, technology) ?
41. Did I catch people doing good?
42. Was I a light?
43. Did I work hard, do my best in my tasks?
44. Did I give away time and possessions for free to help others (let go)?
45. Did I unclutter, simplify my life?
46. Did I give large tips to the working class?
47. Did I invite the spirit through prayer, quietness, goodness, love, encouragement and service?
48. Did I clean my house?
49. Did I exercise?
50. Did I wear sunscreen before going outside?
51. Did I take care to look clean and nice without overdoing it (simple, natural hair, makeup and clothes)?
52. Did I limit my consumption of products and food (temperance and moderation)?
53. Did I use/eat sustainable, earth-friendly products (cleaning) and food?
54. Did I conserve water?
55. Did I use less energy (unplugged appliances, turned off lights, TV, etc.)?
56. Did I walk or bike instead of using the car?
57. Did I limit spending to needs, good causes, education, and family/personal enrichment?
58. Did I severely limit trash by recycling and reusing?
59. Was I frugal, so I have more to give others?
60. Did I make do with what I have?
61. Did I create inexpensive, spontaneous and planned fun?
62. Did I use inexpensive/ free resources (library, free shuttle, etc.)?
63. Was I dependable (on time, did what I said I would do)?
64. Did I do everything in love?
65. Did I bless my family, my bf and home?

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Wen :)

Hello people =D

7 Eleven!!!! That’s my birth date means past two days was my 23rd birthday =D Did I mention this is my 23 years of birthday! Does it sounds old enuff? No I guess =D Tak kisahla, yang naik cume “the number” but me will always be me! Daddy’s little girl who still plays with lots of toys and watch cartoon from 8 in the morning till dawn =D. but wary guys, this little girl is not just a girl. She’s a little girl with high deviated IQ =p

Ok, I just wanted to share how’s my beautiful day went through. Started on my birthday eve: me, dad and mum (sad huh without the brother and the sister =( ) went to Damansara for a pre celebration. Owh ho, am the princess =D. Midnight sharp! Messages and calls was like hey, I’m totally a princess =D Next day (it’s my day *wink*) went out for celebration with Mr Tan Hong Ming at Cyberjaya+Putrajaya (I know some of you will say “apelaa yg ade kat sane tu”) but hey, I can say that night was the best moment in 23 years I’ve been living in this world!!! Than the following days, home sweet home celebration grand day (it’s 8/11 but still celebrating. Bajett tuan puterila kan =p). Hadiah waaah, mcm kanak2 seyh : bertimbun =D oh ya forget to mention “I got TWO birthday cake” lalalalaaa *wink*

So people, sape2 yand ade wish wen. THANK YOU shoo much =D. As usual guys, the picas…….. ;) ENJOY!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Shopping With Me :)

Passionate with bags and accessories, today am going to talk about shopping!!! Truthfully I’m not a shopping addicted in view of the fact that I don’t have MUCH money to splurge on (oh how I wish I’m in my parents shoes rite now) but as a LADY, shopping is my ultimate passion. As for me, I’d prefer branded stuff as the goods with name has their own style and quality. Even the price is much higher, the satisfaction of owning the stuff can never defeat by anything else :p

By the age of 23 with no monthly income (even the allowance from dad are affordable to do that, it’s shameless to use the money to buy our belonging rite?) I always have a dream to buy such brands like Calvin Klein, Etienne Aigner, Liz Claiborne, Monet, DKNY, Burberry, Jimmy Choo as well as Coach bags and accessories. Hik, for those who knew me since I was a kid will definitely startle to hear me saying this ~Wen’s growing up people~ From a so-called-boyish little girl turn up to be uh-huh so into fashionita chica =D no nO NO!! I’m not into fashion essentially, just crazy on bags and accessories. So far I’ve own tons of bags in variety brands but I want more ;( (huhuuu tamak halobanya akuw =p) sensiblela dulu brand sume stock Nike, UCB, Kipling, LeSportsac (yang ala2 teenage girl gitu) ni nak move to next stagela pulak kan =D kate dah nak kawin. Eh??!? Owkay change, kate dah nak kerja. Eh??!? Ok2 change again, kate dah dewasa. Haaa sounds nicer =p.

Ok back to the topic. Since my passion towards bags is beyond the limit, there come my cousin sister act as the life saver *wink* now I can buy any of the above brands I’ve mentioned earlier at the cheaper price because I can directly purchase it from States!!!! Yeeeeehhaaaaaaaa soooo shooo HAPPY =D. Oh just imagine people how much I can save when I can only get Calvin Klein bag at the price less than RM500, Etienne Aigner purse and bag for less than RM380, Liz Claiborne purse and bag for less than
RM500 and Coach bags and accessories for less than RM1500 (depending on the style). Ok, I’m not saying it’s cheap but it’s cheaper than in Malaysia. Oh I am happy, happy and sooo happy (even for my mom’s bday oso can give her either one easily =p)

So people if you're just like me, feel free to text me. I’ll direct you to ship along with me ;D

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sassy Sunday ;)

Hello people, today is Sunday and today will be the last day for me to honeymoon since tomorrow I’ll be starting the new semester of school. Last night I was thinking to go poppily poppy with my dear darling Tan Hong Ming but eventually we went to Palace of The Golden Horses for some kind of farewell party for Shahrul who’ll gonna fly to New York. We had our hi-tea (its lunch more to said) at Carousel coffee house. Typical hotel’s cuisine –TWO THUMBS UP- (obviously, we pay high to make the thumbs shows up kan ;p) again as usual not much to say bout this party since you guys can judge it by glancing the pictures ~ENJOY!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

happy birthday khairil hisham a.k.a ain :)

it's 1st november!!!my lovely cuzzin's brother burfday~

...weeeeee..ain..happy burfday dear..sdeynyer diz yer x dpat nk celebrate skali..(distance make us apart..huhuu)..but i hope though we seems to be apart from each other..our closenessship will remain as b4..

i lurve u soo much dear...:)