Tuesday, June 24, 2008

FARKING mood!!

sorry for the lack of updates
but hey not many ppl will read so yah who cares
been bz wif life. lack of sleep and so on
still finished up some stuff b4 start class
been going here n there. bla3
so on
owh ya plus my laptop in ER
pity that stuff. poor damage
the screen turns green,red n suddenly yellow
wut a colourfool
thank i got MR HADI (he's my life saver,an IT specialist actually)
hope he can get my laptop backs to normal
am using my dads laptop
so it can't b wif me al de time
so sad
makes me have no mood to update
hope to get my laptop done a.s.a.p
so i can catch up wif my blog soon
but not now