Thursday, August 6, 2009


H1N1…… getting worst. I read the newspaper today and total death from H1N1 viruses has touch 12. This is the recorded amount. Furthermore with the bad haze in KL, I think everything is getting worst. I should stop going to the shopping mall that is crowded with people during the weekend. But seems it failed. Last week I was in a big city mingling around in a crowd and this coming weekend will be occupied in a crowded area (things planned). A friend of mine just called me today and told me he might have to cancel his Japan vacations that he planned for this coming month end school holiday. My advice to him, better postpone it or cancel off his trip as he will be traveling with 2 small kids. Otherwise …. you will need to prepare for the worst. My brother rang me just now and he said his patient died for HINI! Poor him and I always remind him to put on his mask whenever he goes (Dear ALLAH, please protect my brother on doing his job). Hmm hope this virus find an ends.

Well, my blog was on hiatus for quite long period. Nak kata busy, not really. Busy hitch here and there :D Last weekend, Friday Saturday and Sunday back and forth from Cheras to Subang 1 day around 3 to 4 times (actually busy body je on my dad’s honor received function ~ CONGRATULATIONS dad :D, I’m proud of u (beri laluan pada iklan sekejap)) Then on Sunday after check out from the hotel, terus balik Johor. Lucky my mom teman (badan dah penat, mata dah ngantok, drive lagi…haih). Then from Sunday until this morning, nonstop driving here and there settled everything smpailah ke KL back around 2 pm tadi. Haih penatnyaaaa…Homework haram tak sentuh. Thesis ape cerita ntah. Ade debate lagi next Tuesday. Buku tak start bace….hmmm camne nak dpt 4flat cmni?? Berangaaan, berangan……

Ok Wendut, starts looking forward!! Stop doing unnecessary things!! Bye rakan2…Nak start buat homework :p See you in next entry people…Take care and Good nite!!

NOTE: Dear people, don't forget to put on your mask wherever you go!