Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wordy Wednesday =D

Wow, almost a week since my last post. I’ve been so busy at school lately. There’s a deadline in couple of weeks and everyone is working hard to get things done on time. Oh today is Wednesday and am supposed to post Wordless Wednesday but since I did that for my last post, I’ve decided to drop something here today.

Can’t wait for the weekend. Not that I have any specific plans or anything, it’s just great to be able to go to sleep on Friday and not have to be at the mercy of the alarm clock. I hate that first five minutes when the alarm goes off and I have to groggily get up and shut that damn thing off. Then there’s the tired crawl to the bathroom to get ready for another great day at school. Terrible! Plus the weekend is me time. I do whatever I want, whenever I want. It’s great. Sometimes boyfriend has to work on the weekend, so I have even more time to myself. I do love spending time with Mr Tan Hong Ming, but I also need some time to be alone as well. Nothing is greater in life to me than free time to do whatever I want without someone else being involved. Yes, for me ALONE is BETTER!

Last night I was thinking to go for a vacation at a far far away land. Just me with myself there, having a very good day on the beach, pampering myself in spa and showered myself with shopping spree. As I was surfing the best place to go, dad…..

“Surf ape?”
“Vacation spot”
“Nak pergi ngan sape?”
“Nothing, just want to be alone”
“Inside or outside?”
“If I said outside, are u willing to gimme pocket money =)?”
“Ckp dulu nak g mane”
“Okla Bali boleh?”
“Dunno yet. Still cari time. So, can x?”
“Get more than 3.5 this sem, 100% sponsored!”
“Laa kalau cmtu tukarlah…Sydney =D”
“Laa biarlaaa…can eh =D”
“Perform dulu baru cerita”
“Keep your promise then =)”

Hope can get through this semester……..Farah help meeee!!!!!!! *wink*