Monday, November 10, 2008

65 Ways To Improve Your Life =)

The following do not come naturally to me.
Not at all really.
These are things I am working on.
For some people they do, so if that is you, this list is unnecessary.
For me; however, I have to make a conscious effort to do these things, so I created this list as a reminder for myself.I thought others might find it useful too.

How Did I Do Today?

1. Did I look people in the eyes?
2. Was I patient?

3. Did I listen and show interest in others?
4. Did I talk to at least one friend?
5. Did I react calmly to bad news/trials?
6. Did I say something nice about someone to someone else?
7. Did I refrain from thoughts and words reflecting sorrow for myself ("complaining, whining, "poor me")

8. Did I refrain from embarrassing others?
9. Did I refrain from yelling or angry words?
10. Did I pay attention to and appreciate my life, thoughts, actions, others around me and my environment?
11. Did I think/pause before speaking carefully?
12. Did I point out the positive?
13. Did I show affection to family members?
14. Were my words loving?
15. Was I totally honest?
16. Did I read and meditate on scripture?
17. Did I direct my thoughts to prayer?
18. Did I read other inspiring books or literature?
19. Did I inspire others?
20. Did I record my life feelings and events (photos, journal, blog)?
21. Did I think about/ express what I am thankful for (rather than harboring my troubles)?
22. Did I give my time to each member of my family?
23. Did I refrain from gossip or spreading a toxic environment?
24. Did I refrain from blaming?
25. Did I refrain from thinking people are better or worse than me?
26. Did I look for the good, found the good and talked about the good?
27. Did I seek to improve myself rather than seeking to improve others?
28. Did I take inconveniences and frustrations in stride?
29. Did I portray humility, rather than pride?
30. Did I encourage others (to be their best) ?
31. Did I choose a positive attitude despite circumstances?
32. Did I use my creativity and imagination?
33. Did I use my talents to bless others and express myself?

34. Did I look for ways to spread goodness in my environment (uplift, comfort, praise, give hope, celebrate, honor, appreciate, offer service, listen or teach)?
35. Did I make others feel good (special)?
36. Did I limit my TV/DVD viewing?
37. Did I watch, listen to and read uplifting material?
38. Did I limit the time I spent on the Internet/computer?
39. Take a genuine interest in all people (notice)?
40. Did I learn new and practice skills (photography, writing, gardening, technology) ?
41. Did I catch people doing good?
42. Was I a light?
43. Did I work hard, do my best in my tasks?
44. Did I give away time and possessions for free to help others (let go)?
45. Did I unclutter, simplify my life?
46. Did I give large tips to the working class?
47. Did I invite the spirit through prayer, quietness, goodness, love, encouragement and service?
48. Did I clean my house?
49. Did I exercise?
50. Did I wear sunscreen before going outside?
51. Did I take care to look clean and nice without overdoing it (simple, natural hair, makeup and clothes)?
52. Did I limit my consumption of products and food (temperance and moderation)?
53. Did I use/eat sustainable, earth-friendly products (cleaning) and food?
54. Did I conserve water?
55. Did I use less energy (unplugged appliances, turned off lights, TV, etc.)?
56. Did I walk or bike instead of using the car?
57. Did I limit spending to needs, good causes, education, and family/personal enrichment?
58. Did I severely limit trash by recycling and reusing?
59. Was I frugal, so I have more to give others?
60. Did I make do with what I have?
61. Did I create inexpensive, spontaneous and planned fun?
62. Did I use inexpensive/ free resources (library, free shuttle, etc.)?
63. Was I dependable (on time, did what I said I would do)?
64. Did I do everything in love?
65. Did I bless my family, my bf and home?