Thursday, April 8, 2010

I wish i could.....

This feelings isn’t good but I couldn’t tell anyone. I really hope to let my very best friend know but it’s something sad when your best friend is your own mother. She’ll definitely doesn’t like it and surely ask me to let go everything (xkan ade mak nak tgk anak sedih kan :’)) I just can’t define. It’s obvious. Do they think I’m stupid??!! I am sad. Totally sad. I pray to Allah, show me the whole thing, or even gimme some clue. Life is tough :’( I never thought it would be this hard. I keep thinking and I'm getting tired of it. Bear the burden of what we call life by myself. Doing everything alone without even a pillar to lean on (my mother is my pillar but certainly I can’t let her see I’m not ok) and when the worst parts come, it didn’t turn out right. SIGH~ Oh Allah can I have some help to figure a way out of trouble in this life. People take advantage. No matter whom they are to you. Even your own kin sometimes can backstab you (fortunately not my family :D my family SUPERB!!), inikan pula orang luar. Oh Allah, help me help me and help me :( jadikan aku seorang Muslimah yang kuat dan tabah ya Allah……….

Note : I’m sorry people, comeback dgn entry yang tidak bagus. Doakan wendut kuat ya pembaca2 sekalian :)