Friday, October 30, 2009

The MBA Journey :)

Hello people…

Next week will be the first time I’m having class with no one besides me. Having 3 hours lecture not knowing anyone is so eerie to me. I still remember how my 1st trimester was. Saw Farah on the registration day, she’s pointing at me invited to sit beside her and I turned back to see who’s actually she’s speaking to and was asking her back “ME?” hahahaha Farah will use this to “bahan” me for my entire life, even if we meet again 20 years from now I bet! Lucky I saw her and we blended together very well since we boasted the same attitude, same crazy mind. A week after class we met Dum, our Somalian friend. She’s funny, blunt in a way, always been bullied by us. Her patients towards our crazy head waiting for the discussion makes her loves even more to be with us. Hihii she told me that, not creating story ok :D Then, we met Wonderbabes one by one. Starting from Ain (which we used to teased her with Pit :p), Muuna (because of her email “tantik” :p), Dzullia (because of her pleasant approached :D), Ain (the way she walks, cute small steps :p) and Shikin (because of her diva characters :D) we complete each other. Added with some ingredients by kakak2 and the boys make us happy having each other in the same class. Having fun together went to PD for our OB treasure hunt was the tremendous moment we had!! Memories will remain forever :’) 3rd trimester we went to different path; finance, marketing, international business and human resource but the bond's still there. Having each other to chill and experienced the best moment in Malacca together was splendid!! Thank you Allah I found them, only YOU know how much I appreciate it :’) Now, everything’s change. They are no longer with me in the class. No more jokes, no more laugh with them (just by reading their status and comments in Facebook will cheer my day henceforth) hmmm :’( I’ll be missing them……..Wonderbabes, I love you sooooooo much!! Ever since we met, the sun never failed to shine. U girls brighten my life... Keep in touch girls and please try to gather at least once a year ya!!!

"A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words." Donna Roberts