Friday, January 16, 2009

Today is FIDAY =D

Now after the presentation’s over, I think I could at least breathe a bit, thinking to go for some shops splurge tomorrow. But then there’s a voice yelled “IN YOUR DREAM WEN!!!!” Owh I can’t believe there’s just too much damn work to do now. All of sudden deadlines are coming and people are getting crazy. I just have to keep focused and get the job done. It would be funny if we all did this work and the product ends up cancelled anyway. What a waste of time that would be. But it will never happen though =p If I get a chance to take a break from this study field, I’ll go to somewhere where I can run and fly at the same time. Heheee wake up dear wen =D Okay, times up! Back to work. At least it’s Friday =)