Friday, March 21, 2008

++perCINTAanku dengan TAN HONG MING++

We met at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA)
Strange thing is that we really should have known each other anyway.

Here are the reasons why
1. We are in the same class since final year 1st semester in UNITEN
2. His best friend was my group mate for almost 1 year
3. My best friends always talk about him, but I neva know the person they’re talking about was referring to him

Reason I LOVE him
1. He is so sweet to me, he is cute n am attracted to him
2. His patient towards my crazee attitude.
3. He thinks about things. He has passions. He is not content of pop culture and pop society. He wants to understand other way of living. He is not content with how we are “supposed to live”

Things that make me think he is different
1. He stays with me when am sick. He does not leave just because my life is not perfect like other girls
2. When we both get the stomach flu, we not grossed out. We feel sorry for each other
3. I ask for ALLAH to show me that he was the right one by having him leave when am sick. I got very sick, problems with my job and he did not leave
4. He neva worry about little stuff like other boyfriends
5. Things other people think are faults in me he thinks are good. Like being kind and sensitive. He likes me being nice and does not see it as a sign of weakness
6. He is not irritated by me doing nice things for him. He does not see it as babying
7. He does not bother me about my weight. He loves me for who I am
8. He asks me if I want “someone” with more money, I say no I want him
9. He let me catch my dream even it hurts him terribly
10.Even if he does not want to marry me, I want to stay with him forever because it is worth to be with the nicest guy

++de power of LOVE =D++

i love tan hong ming =D

.......where the journey begins........

wen a.j : long da bape bulan wen bgtau along wen nak buat blog?
sabrina razif : tak igt
sabrina razif : maknanya da byk bulan kot
sabrina razif : hahah
sabrina razif : ape la awk nih
sabrina razif : pnat alg tggu
sabrina razif : bila nak komen kat page alg camni
wen a.j : heheee
wen a.j : tula pasaaaalll
sabrina razif : ala
sabrina razif : cepat la
sabrina razif : taip la apepun
wen a.j : ok2
wen a.j : wen nak buat
wen a.j : tp esok keeeee luse keeeee tulat keeee tupin keeee tungau keeeee =p
wen a.j : heheeeee

sabrina razif : chesss!!!!

.................n it started...TARAAAAAA =D