Friday, April 25, 2008


-final blurred pictures-

As I flipping through my picture CDs containing all my tremendous pictures since the year 2003, I found these photos…it was edited by ME when I was in my 2nd year bachelor’s in UNITEN (thanks Allah for still giving me de chance of getting less amnesia). All together I had 6 pictures in sequence with the title SCANDALICIOUS 1, SCANDALICIOUS 2, SCANDALICIOUS 3 and bla…bla..bla…. ~perfect progression from de 1st CLEAR pic until de final BLURRED and unseen pic~ (i know, it always be with the help of Photo Roxio…big thanks 2 today’s technology)

I smile as the memory flashing by =) (yeeess….. I know most of you are eager 2 know de stories behind those pics) the story begins with.....ahha the title “SCANDALICIOUS”.They are my scandals.6 of them!! Hahaaaa what a playgirl =p. Each of them has their own story. Stories that I think I should share out with all of you (perhaps u can take it as guidance). Well, AM NOT GOING TO REVEAL WHO THEY ARE THOUGH, just de stories…

Growing up in CONVENT GIRL’S SCHOOL makes me a bit tardy 2 know the exact meaning of MAN. It’s a first sight love when I saw him. We started as a foe when we wrangled like hell just 2 bind our self-ego. Times goes by until I realized that I like him…we stared evytime we met, we keep ingest our words even lots to say, we sneak a look 4 each other, we’re in our own world evytime our eyes direct into each other for about 2 YEARS. Yet ego against evything. The feelings, the hope and the dream. (It’s a very long grandmother story which I cut into pieces, just extracting de important part..U can get the whole story from my BELOVED SISTER, NURUL HUDA AMIRUDIN 012-7358953)*wink* dipendekkan cerita, de beautiful dreams been snatched faaar away from me when my very own best friend took him as her life partner…wutelse I can say? Wutelse I can do? I can’t blame anybody. I’m de one who supposed to be blamed. Even she knew I fall for him till death (EVERYBODY NOES THAT), BEST WOMAN’S WIN!!! That’s the rules and since that I’ve learnt a lesson –DRIVING ELEVATED EGO, LEADS TO NOWHERE-

As for de 2nd story, I just love de way he kick the ball (bear in mind that am not fully feminine though =D) when I first saw him in football field, ku telah jatuh cinta…hahhahaha yulks!! We never knew each other until I get his phone number (BIG thanks to my bravey buddy CFA) we started to called, texted but he never know who am I (why? I keep it undetectable laa…saham kene jaga maa) so our invisible relationship kept moving until he knew who am I (he didn’t stop investigate) and we still had fastidious flow. That was our best moment!!! We’re bound of blissful even we didn’t attached to each other (de fact is deep inside I really want him to know that I like him). Stories leave by from day yet to another day until he said he’s getting married to a person that cherub by ME!! (Yes, I’M THE STUPID CUPID!! Letting go a person u love to someone and de stupid part was u give him a hand by make things out..AWFUL!!! ) AGAIN, wutelse I can say? Wutelse I can do? I can’t blame anybody. I’m de one who supposed to be blamed!! Keep things unspoken..Few weeks b4 he’s getting married we had our long chat. I told him my “STORY” bout me and him but I used others name so that my identity save in silent and know what?? HE SAID HE HAD DE SAME SIDE OF STORIES AND THAT PERSON WAS REFFERING TO ME!!!!!!!OMG I felt like am the most brainless creature in this whole world!!! But it’s merely too late for us..We can’t turn back time. All we need to do is just pray for each other happiness. Once again I learnt a lesson

Well it’s too long 2 share evyting. The others are just normal scandal like other normal people. Hehee had a large quantity of scandals makes life worth flirty just for the familiarity sake. Now I don’t have to worry, even I still mingle around with those splendid scandalicious like SHASIKARAN, my priority still be my beloved TAN HONG MING =D