Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thursday Twist!!!

Hello people…

Just got back from Desa Water Park with THM!!!! It was superbly awesome!!!! Been there with a working person in working days was a relieved :D splashing the cold water all over the body and having sun tanned for the black was ludicrous yet tremendous!! We entered the park at 12 noon (YES PEOPLE DIRECT SUN ON TOP OF THE HEAD!!). Had excitement with all the games inside there with RM7 double tube was a pay of “kerja kuat” hahaa :D I screamed and laughed out loud in the super tube as it spins down swiftly. We ended our mandi session around 3.30 since the rain started to fall. After that we headed to MidValley for some food hunting and decided to eat at Sushi King. We ate, we talked, we laughed inside there and end up our makan session around 5 with the close bill of RM80 for 2 (WTFmakanmacambelajindalamperut). Reached home around 7.30pm performed Maghrib prayer and watched Jamie’s show, no idea when, dozed off until 10.45. Just woke up and watching Mist at StarMovies now, texting THM but no reply :(

Ok, now is 1.30am, movie dah habis; it was a good movie. Time to zzzz...Good Night people!! My Thursday RAWK!!