Tuesday, March 3, 2009

ABC + Rojak =Nyum Nyum!!

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been a month since I last updated this blog. I have not been feeling well lately. There has been a nasty flu bug that has been going around the community and unfortunately the whole family caught it too. So it has been lots of sniffles and coughing around the house. Needless to say, there has not been much idea wriggle out lately. So for now, here’s another entry from the archives.

I’ve ended my final exam around a week back but it still left the backpain + headache in me. The only thing I can do now is HOPING!! May ALLAH gimme chance to at least still smiling =) People are right when they said think more than twice before step into this level. Be prepared, mentally as well as physically! I thought I’m well prepared but I was wrong. Totally wrong! I’m weak to face the genius crowd. I’m weak to dwell in elevated IQs. I’m weak to fight even with my own fear!! Adoyai…apelah kehidupan ni (fav quote by my lovely baby-Kim =p) Hmm whatever it is, I’ve started and I’ll make sure I end it successfully =) Gambate Kudasai Wendut!!!!

Owh ya, last Sunday we were at Cameron Highland!!! Coooool Yah pretty cold up there (but it’s getting warmer compared to few years back). My L-Tan Hong Ming was extremely drained with his workload n he really needs some retreat and me as well still searching for some cram-escape so there it goes, VACATION =) Yes 1 whole day we’re up there 8am-9.30pm (reached KL around 12 due to heavy rain along the way) and the day was tremendous!! Having a cup of tea from the garden with the lovely view sway with the cool breeze, munch sugar coated fresh strawberry dip in chocolate, haggled fresh vegetables and corns, oh beautiful!!! We were thinking to make this as our regular retreat whenever we both have time. Who said 1 day is not enuff?? We made it and it works people. Try and you will experience a peace-empty-mind after that. Trust me!!

What will you do if you face problem with your very good friend? When she/he still silence even you said sorry thousand of time? When you try to catch back her/his attention but she/he remains ignorant? That is what happened between me and my very good friend *sigh* I’m running out of ideas thinking what should I do after what I did was not accepted. Adoyai…she’s my very good+ funny+ lovely+ sweet+ nice+ since primary friend. Because of some miscommunication, we ended the supposed-to-be happy night to worried-unhappy nite. Owh how I wish she could reply my text even with simple “=)”. I miss her =( Well if she read this entry, I really want to say SORRRRRRYYYY for the night and hope we remain friends forever. I love you dear Paz =)

Well, well, well a lil’ bit update about tennis. I know it’s way tooooo long to talk bout this. Dah basi cerita ni pon =p tapi biarlah nak jugak cakap pasal ni =D Roger Federer had shown his dawdling on this game. Starting from his lost toward Rafael Nadal in Australian Open, he defoliates himself from one bigger tournament in Dubai and Switzerland's Davis Cup date in the U.S (as he bids to fully overcome a nagging back problem) last month and this indirectly brings up Nadal to replace his victory.

"I am disappointed to announce that I am withdrawing from both Dubai and the Davis Cup tie in the United States,"

"This was a hard decision to make as I am missing not only one of my favorite events on tour in Dubai but I am also missing out on an opportunity to help my country try and move on to the next round of Davis Cup."

"As a precautionary measure, I will use the next few weeks to make sure the back injury is fully rehabilitated and I am ready for the rest of the 2009 season."

Poor Federer. Hope he did not use his age as an excuse of his slump records (come on man, William sisters shown up at your age!!! Be a MAN!!)

Wow, dah rasa mcm tulis novellah pulak panjang2 cmni..heeee naik sheikh ye tuan-tuan dan puan-puan =p Few stories in a row (kesan daripada kesibukan masa dan ekoran daripada hal-hal harian =p) so I’ll stop here for now. I’ll try to update more frequent from today onwards (still depending on time and idea ^,^) till now, take care people =D