Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Letter For Sister (PINK is her fav color =D)

Dear Along,

I miss you toooo =( haaa 1 donnia tau wen miss along. Currently i am confronting serious chaotic situation. Not to say seriouslaa but HIGH. Im starting to have lots (what i mean it's definately LOADS) of homeworks yang menimbun dan menyesakkan IQ untuk memikir dan seterusnya menyelesaikan. Everyday we need to complete about 10 nak mamPOS susah punye question n assignment covering 6 chaps sekaligus. Next wik dah ade mid term test. Gile cepat kan!

Disebabkan banyak kerja ni,wen da tak jmpe Tan Hong Ming, call pon mcm tak sempat2 nak berbual. Ends up letak tpon without a word. Pity him =( tapi wen nak buat cmne..........Nak jln2 brsama lgla tak sempat. Even that day he's having high fever + sakit mate pon am not around him. Smpai dah baik still x jmpe. Nak wat cmne long?

Hmm.... Me sangat miss u. Sister talk! Det day plan for vacation, tak jadi. Sori sgt2 long =( InsyaALLAH habis blaja kite pegi becuti eh =) maybe that time we can plan for Bali or maybe Phuket spotlah pulak (itukan lagi beeessss) Heheee =D just prepare ape yg patut from now! (later don't tel me i didn't remind u!!!)

Along bile nak dtg KL? I'll make myself free when u're here. Ajak Paz jugak. Den kite bleh ajak kiera,lina n tina skali =D besnyeeee............but ntah bileeela ek =(

Okla long. Have to stop here. Nak kene bace buku for next test n byk lg case tak siap nih. Blog ni pon jap hapdet, jap tak. Evytime surf cume check e-mail, maybank2u, bill tpon and pape yg penting jek. Hope to meet u soon sis. Miszing u much!!!

a.j wen

NOTE : This entry is vastly dedicated to Along Sabrina however it's partially for others viewer =)

Friday, July 18, 2008

dalam kenangan.......

al-Fatihah to my late uncle yang meninggal dunia pada 16 July 2008
around 9pm after isya' prayer. Semoga beliau ditempatkan dlm golongan orang2
mukmin dan dicucuri rahmat ke atas rohnya........Amin.......

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


today is wednesday
i was about to post a WORDLESS WEDNESDAY photo
but it cross my mood when somebody hit me up beyond my limit
that's why i posted an entry called LOVE me, LOVE me not.............
it might be quite boring 2 read such a long entry
i just want him to know
that i am pissed off
of his attitude which never give up
on winning my heart
even he knew i'm extremely happy with my other half
he showered me with lots of money,luxury bits
but i am not materialistic
even if i am, i do hev enuf money to carry out my longing
he teach me lots about life and love
giving and taking
but he did not applying the thoughts
it so fucking dread
it's better to change
than loosing a bestfren rite?
so pls............


LOVE me, LOVE me not.............

I never understood the reason for someone to “move on”. It’s not like you’re really going to move on, you’re just trying to tell your heart to stop thinking about that person every second of every minute, every minute of every day ‘til finally becomes a routine and you don’t notice it anymore.That is ‘til you see that person again, with someone who isn’t you and then you have to remind yourself again to smile… just smile.

What on earth is love? Why love is on existence? Why other people almost die for it and why other people die because of it? Does it hurt? And if yes, why other people still enjoy loving? Why people continue to get their selves involved even if they perfectly knew that they would be hurt in the end? They say love puts butterfly in your stomach, makes your knees tremble and gives you extraordinary pounding of heart, making your blood rush on every veins… indescribable feeling of joy. I think love is like adrenaline, a super power that wraps a typical mortal converting himself into an invincible one, in short, making himself capable of doing things that he doesn’t usually do. It doesn’t only faloricate super human beings, it also enhances the personality and abilities of the person infected. If you would notice, a product made out of love is guaranteed with promising beauty, quality and excellence better than goods ordinarily made. It also makes you feel well protected and equipped for the possible clash, depth and density of your sentiment. Somehow it makes you knowledgeable and mature because it teaches and gives you loads of wisdom. It sometimes makes you feel you hit the jackpot and you’re one of the lucky human beings who discovers their other half and made themselves feel complete. Lucky enough that don’t have to go to another life cycle, another cycle of searching, another quest for completion by finding your lost other half.On the contrary, it makes you feel stupid, dumb and nuts. Sometimes it makes your muscles shiver because of fury yet due to sorrow, it makes your organs revolt that some of which don’t want to be part of your system anymore. It gives you sluggish thoughts with senseless heart as words were kept lying behind the teardrops. Sometimes it makes you feel stronger wishing that you didn’t believe on it before that made you are now, full of regrets, hopes and pretentions. Yes, it makes you feel lucky, but what is luck if it made you hate the world?

Bla…bla…bla…bla… They say that when it knocks on your door whether you like it or not, it will give you instant guts, instant nerve and spirit, transforming you into instant mami! (“HUH mami?!” hehehe.) Risk taker! Sometimes because of this we make decisions like skating in the thin ice without weighing things out. Do actions that play with the fire and leave everything to luck, everything to chance to tug along the igniting demands of love that eventually leaves you some allowance to failure. Things unexpectedly touches the commencement of love, as it still obey, listen, and open to what people would be saying. But if it becomes intense, ears will remain open but minds will kept close, eyes were stressed looking but not seeing, and everything will be left out except for the deep feeling of fondness and affection.

Bla…bla…bla…bla… Love is sacrifice, selfish yet giving. Bla…bla…bla…bla… Every wound is a flower and every pain is a blessing. Others see it as sacrifices while others see it as love. Different interpretation from different point of views. But what is really intriguing is how wound and pain comes along with love…?? Words can’t fit to explain it but I guess the best way to understand is to have the same experience, who knows the concept of giving up and letting go will be love for you. I, you, we. The ages of ignorance who are the usual victims of virus of interesting curiosity were being warned of the possible heartbreaks, pains and sacrifices that could be hurtful and traumatic to our half-grown ignorant heart.

Bla…bla…bla…bla… Variety of trials comes… with different compensations… for every hurt there is learning… for every damage… there is maturity. For every injury… bla…bla…bla…bla… there is development. And for every scourge you become stronger.

Love comes on different approaches. It could be perfect as anybody wishes for or it could be dangerously passionate, violent, destructive bla…bla…bla…bla… Love is the sweetest affection, inspired by eyes, spoken by lips, dedicated by the heart, shared by souls, and proven at the altar. A too good to be true meaning! Not enough to satisfy my countless questions in mind.Bla…bla…bla…bla…

There is no exact meaning of love for it is a case to case basis. Since, I guess, nobody wants to be unhappy, people employ themselves in the business even if risks are contagious in the environment!

For the person who really makes me fall in love and i do replied the love, thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to love and to be loved..... And for someone that never ever give up in giving your love, thank you soo much for appreciating me this much but as far as i told you earlier, we can NEVER MEANT TO BE TOGETHER...... i do appreciate all the kinds n sweet words, all the bits and pieces and everything you did,but still I AM SORRY..

note : i love my life in tandem with my lovely other half..PLEASE.....MOVE ON!!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

STILA lipstick & LAMBOGHINI Murciélago LP640

Stila Long Wearing Lip Color in Exquisite

This is really a nice lipstick-a natural look that is actually pretty long wearing. I bought it on my way back from class today. I applied before lunch around 12 and it still looked nice until now (it's around 5 and i had my lunch just now). The sheen fades a bit but you are left with a nice color that doesn't bleed.

Of course, I've always found Stila a bit expensive, and this product is no different. At RM98, it's a definite splurge. Stila's products are so darn cute though, and I love how this twists up. Not sure if I'll buy it again, but I do like it =D

Ok, back to my story on my FIRST DAY IN SCHOOL. This morning i was thinking to move out at around 8.15 since it's only take about 20 minutes from my house to UPM. On my way to the car, my phone rang..

"dik,where are u?"
"still at home but da nak move.nape dad?"
"jam kat 3 bottleneck area ni..better be quick"

It was raining heavily in kl,selangor and putrajaya this morning. As i was driving out from my housing area heading the Balakong highway, i saw rows of cars on the road. Damn,i should move early!! Tgk jam it's around 8.40 and am still in front of The Mines, around 15 minutes to reach. Apelagi SPEED like am driving a Lamboghini Murciélago LP640 =p. Drive punya drive tgk jam, waaaah it's 8.53 and am not even in UPM area yet!!! Matila akuu 1st day class da lambat.Speed speed speed finally 9 sharp! i was in the parking lot. Turun kete, lari dlm hujan redah lecak (habis suar kotor sket) and i got in the classroom. Luckily lecturer tak masuk lagi.Amin =D and my 3 ½ hour class went smooth today =D hoping for the bright on tomorrow class =)

Monday, July 7, 2008

back to schooollllllll........

i'll be starting my class


takutnyaaaaa nak mulakan everything balik~

Sunday, July 6, 2008

the name is wen is in love =D

Wah!! at last h.a.r.a.p.a.n yang diharap2kan untuk keseronokan menjadi kenyataan =D i am EXTREMELY s.e.r.o.n.o.k =D the dazzling and tremendous WEEKENDS (Friday and Saturday to be exact). Hoping for the moment to happen again (yaa..i noe it will only happen in 3 yrs time). Owh gosh I am so into this wonderful mode. Eheh,am sure dlm kepale sume mst tgh ade big question mark figuring apelah blissful moment yg wen ckp ni hek. Well, it’s enuff to tell u people that I AM HAPPY WITH MY LOVE LIFE!!!!! Ok now I bet every one of u are able to capture a lil’ bit of the stories =D so teruskanlah meneka dan mereka ceritanya (hahahaaaa sorryla ppl, am not going to say publicly the stories……~private are most welcome =p)


sometimes betul ckp org. dlm kegembiraan mestilaaaa nak jugak ade celah2 kesedihan. like det day i posted 1 entry of h.a.r.a.p.a.n but few minutes later, i got the KESEDIHAN. and today i posted this happy entry but few minutes ago i burst in tears. it's really hard to let the one you LOVE go (take note ppl...it's GO not FREE) but i just did. even IT IS NOT forever, i feel hard to grin and bear it. Macam2 boleh jadi dlm 3 thn kan? Fortunately his words makes me strong.Takpelah, positively these 3 years time will be the prove of our loyal,faith,patient and sincere =)

NOTE : entry ini memang agak memeningkan sbb kepala wen tgh pening so bile orang pening menulis, penulisannya akan jadi cerita yang pening.kepada sesapa yang tgh pening,anda dilarang membaca entry ini =x

Thursday, July 3, 2008


huwaaaa...baru td wen post entry harapan hari esok. tup tup tadi hadi (reminder note: hadi is my life saver) call talked about my laptop. he sounds dull. so we met up sumwhere in serdang. he explained the condition of the laptop.

"wen, laptop u dah takde harapanla...better u jual b4 it comes worst"
"how much kalau i jual"
"around 1k"
"WHAT???!!!! i bought it for 5k n i dpt jual 1k je"

in the car.....

"di, ~me in sad mode~"
"~me too~ sorry can't help"

end up, me officially SELL my laptop. i am soooo sad. i'll be starting my class without the most important gadget for student. hadi did suggest me to take a new laptop. it cost around 3k for dealer price. ade sesape sudi untuk menderma RM3000???? help me please =(


harap-harap saya SERONOK esok

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

WHOAA......wen pergi BOTH!!! n both was AWESOME!!!! esp CAMPFIRE (hahahaaa de 1 det i don't like most turns up 2 b de most splendid episode =D)
note : i'll b slow down all my frivolous activities for the 1 ½ years n after i completed my master, i'll pay the fantastic moment till death =D