Friday, September 4, 2009

Result SPM Hang Tuah :D

This vid’s hilarious
Makes my tummy burst out loud!!!
Thanks Aed!! Hahahaaa if byk vid cmni, bolehlaa g London cepat :p

Milano's Spree :)

Hello people :)

How’s your Ramadhan? Harus GREAT dong!!! It’s been a while since I left the last entry here dengan alasan yang same sepanjang Wendut menceburkan diri dalam dunia blog, MALAS!! (cmni aed nak suruh wen cari duit tru blogging?? Hahaha HARAPAN je laa :p) ok2 back to the story…last night we had our fast breaking cum my dearest uncle’s birthday at Pizza Milano, OU (ini dibelanja oleh my 2 lovely cousins, TQ KAKAKS :p). Why Milano? Because my beautiful mother is craving to have the pizza with extra cheeeeese bite and the pastas :) We arrived around 6.15 and since it’s still early, we went to Parkson to buy some bulbs for my uncle’s house. Around 6.30, both kakaks called n asked us to come over. We went there (owh, I met Kiera in the middle :D) n ordered whooot gile kentang mcm tak mkn setahun!!! 2 pizzas, 1 chicken carbonara, 3 seafood aglio olio, 1 chicken fettucine alfredo, 1 muchroom soup with garlic bread, 1 spaghetti bolognese, 1 meatball Bolognese, 2 beef lasagna :D Tak cukup meja to put all the food uols :p We’re there up to 9pm n we made our move to Ikea to buy some prezee for my cuzzy Sis Valli’s and my adorable friend Aileen’s wedding :) but tangan still sempat mencapai some stuff since dad pays all..hahaha kamu suka mengambil kesempatan tau Wendut!! After habis berbelanja was thinking to buy the curry puff yang yummy at Ikea but unfortunately dah habis :( so we take the free soft drink jeee :( after that drove back hantar uncle Jole’s and headed to Ilsas to take my car. We reached home around 12. Sampai rumah, solat tidoooooooooooooooooooo smpai Fady kejut untuk bangun pagi sbb nk belajar (oh kunun-kunun :p)

NOTE : Yang baju purple n pink tu my cuz, yang potong cake tu my uncle, yang jelita dan tampan tu my parents, yang baju hitam tu my sis and yang sorang baju biru tu jelitawan yang sangat jelita..haha and semua di atas tulah makanan yang disenaraikan tadi..hehee :D BIG THANKS KAK NISHA AND KAK HID. I LOVE U MUCH!!!