Friday, April 24, 2009

I’m building up myself :)

Hello people,

I left this blog with gloomy entry. As time goes by I realized it wouldn’t be good if I keep going murky my day while my sweet grandma saddy sad there looking at me. So I'M BUILDING UP MYSELF people!!!
This week was terribly exhausted!! On Monday, back to KL (eheh, class malam tu skip). Sampai around 9 can’t do anything due to the feeling (masih tak totally stable). Tuesday no class but the to-do list seems like tak sabar2 to be touch. Wednesday and Thursday ade exam ye tuan-tuan dan puan-puan tapi haram satu ape tak bace lagi. So I decided to open the book, dig out the notes and start menelaah. After 5 minutes reading, my mind flew back to nenek. Again, the tears flow like waterfall. Hmm can u guys imagine how I felt??

I did my exams on both days quite okayla (after study whole night for 2 days tak tidur, tanx to my love yg tolong kejut every minute yg tertido) But not 100% satisfied (as usual and as I said in my previous entry, manusia tak pernah puas kan :p) Hope the marks can at least help for the trimester. Back from the exam dah pkul 10 mlm. Next day, Friday ade Research Proposal presentation and 1 assignment need to submit. OMG susahnye mcm setan and I don’t even touch anything yet!! Untung ade my love, Tan Hong Ming. Yes he helps me do the assignment! THANK YOU DARLING :D I did the slides for the presentation n he did the assignment (I re-check and do my part jugak okeh). Since the research susah nak mamPOS to be done, I take the whole night doing it (tak tidur lagi :( ~THM said after presentation, go back and tidur puas2~) but DAMN!! After the presentation, makin banyak kerja aku!!!!!!! The research really drives me CRAZY lah! Things grow to be worst when we dapat tau next 3 weeks we need to attend 4 days course on “Corporate Strategy Simulation” at Eagle Ranch Port Dickson. Macam banganglah kan no notice given tetibe nak hantar gi sane for 4 days!! Dah la kerja bertimbun like there’s no more tomorrow to habiskan those kerja. Adoyai, dgn Research Proposal as well as the Research itself, dgn OD project, dgn IR term paper n dgn Law assignments, I don’t know how I should put myself in this horde situation. *phew*

I’m going back to Johor tonight for the “Tahlil” (I’ll drive; how nak tdo my dear Tan Hong Ming???) Along with it, I’ll bring back all my “supposed-to-do” assignments (huhuuu macam dapat buat kan, dah sibuk at nenek’s house :p). No NO! ~by hook by crook must do!! You’re running out of time. Wake up WAKE UP~ Hehee I try to squeeze in as much time to do the school works :) Ok, nak pack baju to balik Johor in a while, till then adios people :D