Monday, April 21, 2008

de true definition of HAPPY =D

my-forever-scandal called n we talked for quite minutes
i MISS him dreadfully
~heheee his name is SHASIKARAN~
NOTE-to-my-tan hong ming : sayang,ur madu called just 2 say hello...nothing much ya =D's juz a dream!!

last nite i dreamt of him....(org kate kalau kite mmp org tu,det person tgh trigt kat kt..hehee) i was wondering wut's behind de dream..he called me wif super lower voice telling me he just wanted 2 have a chat.. okla since we did not contact 4 quite sumtyme,me ~still in crazee way~ layan him borak...he said he wanted 2 c say ok,just set de date n time...-deal-

on de day we supposed 2 meet,it was in de garden party (i really have no idea who's party is det) he was faaaaaarrrr away from me until i juz can see him as a tiny dot~but he's there standing steel~ i went towards him but strange thing,he makes himself getting far faaarr away from me..(dlm hatiku gile ape die ni,org kejar,die lari pulak) so i decided to stop n sit at one table but i keep my eyes on him..he smile at me n drop 1 beautiful red rose (he used 2 gimme det rose,tapi dah layu kat umah johor..hahaa) and go..hahaaa mcm dlm fantasy land kurase... me blurrrr at det time take my step i turn back to go,doink~ my lovely tan hong ming stand rite in front of me n he's holding de same rose as the one "he" dropped b4....uhuk uhuk uhuk (ku terbatuk2 kecil =p) i turn 2 look at de falling rose's gone!!! (alah maybe da ade org amek,kan party time tu =p) me yg blur terus pulp!!!! terbangun dari tdo......heheee dah pukul 6.30am solat time :D

sekian cerita dongeng (dream can be classified as cerita dongeng kan??) am not going 2 think bout de stupid dream...well dream is just a dream :)