Monday, June 22, 2009

Hello i'm back :D

Hello people :D

EXAM’s OVEEEEEEEEEER!! Haih, delayed 3 days :p no time to la abes exam terus tgk tv smpai lebam den next day whole day JALAN!!! Owh HAPPY :D went to Midvale, then Sunway then Seremban just to eat CHEESEBURGER!! Oh kamu gila Wendut! But hey serious I went there just to eat cheeseburger!! BURGER IJAN as promoted through WARUNG KITA ch104….Ok people, wendut adalah seorang yg sangat cepat terpengaruh bila bab makan ye :D dimana sahaja pon sanggup!! Haha but sorry people, no photo to be displayed..hahhaa cite lebeyh jek :p okla people no mood to update story (even though there are few more stories yg nk kene update) till now, see u then people :D eh ade hadiah untuk anda :D Enjoy this super hilarious vid.

hahahaa i LOVE this vid to the max!!
gila babi buat wendut gelak :D
owh i even berusaha follow the steps!!
good things to do after week of EXAM :D
NOTE: Tanx Kiera ajar kite...hihii :p