Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Lost In Translation :)

I know what you’re thinking I've been gone long enough, right? Well, today am back. Baaack to welcome the year of 2009 after welcomed past 3 days of Maal Hijrah :) So I guess it's time I stop ditching with the unnecessary thingy and blogging. Owh yeah, quite number of people do sent me messages asked me whether am ok or not, am I facing problems that hard to be solve, is there anything going wrong with my life and so on and so on………much thanks to those who really concern :) Hehee seems my last post cling lots of question in peoples mind huh =p For your information people, am doing right with my life!!!! It was just some hectic school life that will never seems to end this fast makes me a bit S.E.W.E.L to cope with =) (am not going to post the reason I left blogging because my lame excuses again and again~ sungguh takde ideala kan….every time tak sempat blogging, reason –tak sempaaattt sebab kerja skolah banyaaakkkk, assignment banyaaakkkk,-my life is so hectiiiiicccc, -kerja bertimbuuunnnnn) kindergarten kids pon boleh start blogging camtu =p so I switch letting people wait for my next post by plunking question mark in their mind =) (and yay!!! I made it =) sungguh ramai yang bertanya. Heheee).

Yeah what am going to write here haaa….mmmm dah lame sangat, tepu dah otak nih =p okla since we’ll be going to step into one more year, let’s talk about wish that had been and have not been fulfill/ed. 4 me, sungguh banyaaaaakkk yg tak lagi and banyak yang sudah =). But what I can say about 2008 is, this year thought me the real meaning of LIFE!! Year where I met variety of people. Dari yang baik, yang sopan, yang jujur, yang lembut, yang pemurah, yang senang menolong dan yang ikhlas sampailah ke yang jahat, yang kuat menipu, yang berani membunuh, yang sangat2 tak takut mati masuk neraka and adik beradik setan pon aku jumpe. Year where I started my working life (baru rase pegang duit hasil sendiri =p) and learnt oodles of stuff. But best out of the best was I still have my primary and secondary princess around me =) dah bertahun2 tinggalkan skolah, still THEY ARE THE BEST i could say!!!!! Bile jumpe, jadi kanak2 ribena balik, gossip pasal teacher2, kwn2…huhuhuuu sungguh seronok =p heheee okla2 stop here bout this! Nanti
along perasan wen kate die best =p other than that biase2 jela….sweet and sour memories that mix well in one huge bowl which definitely stored in my mind refrigerator for the rest of my life =)

I guess, ill stop for a moment and will continue with my next post (donno yet what it will be =)) so, wishing every one of you
HAPPY NEW YEAR and please welcooooooooooomeeeeee 2009!!!!!!!!