Wednesday, March 10, 2010

83 kilo loser wins big!!!

After five months of rigorous training, Indonesian David Gurnani shed more than 80kg to become the very first Biggest Loser Asia, defeating competitors Aaron Mokhtar, Carlo Miguel and Martha Lai at the live taping of the reality show’s finale at the National Film Development Corporation (Finas) yesterday.

At the final weigh-in yesterday, Gurnani (nicknamed King David on the show) charted an astounding total weight loss of 83kg (he came into the competition weighing 157kg) and a body fat percentage loss of 53%.

I guess everybody would had a presumption Carlo Miguel will be the winner of this competition since his weight loss are obvious compared to the rest (before the final comeback) but yeah 2 invisible months will definitely can change everything. To prepare himself for the finale, the 25-year-old revealed that he took two months unpaid leave to work out eight to 10 hours a day.

But from my personal opinion, David doesn’t look good after losing too much weight. He looked underweight like a sick person. Macam Ahmad Nisfu pon ada. Hahahaaa :D People out there, if you want to put down weight, make sure you stop if u think it’s enough. Or else you’ll turn out to be a walking skeleton. He is in my age but I think I look much more younger than him *wink* Naaaa who care if you are a walking skeleton if you could walked away with US$100,000 (RM350,­000) and a car sponsored by Renault

After watching the whole series of The Biggest Loser Asia as well as the original American series, I believed mesti ada yang berangan nak pergi gym workout like hell to be hot and sexy (oh please I hate whenever Martha said this) and who knows there some people out there yang berangan nak buka their own signature gym with the tagline “The House where we can turn you to be Hot and Sexy” and hoping for the shooting star fleeting by when they recite the wish. Hahahahaahahhahhaa OK DIAM WENDUT!!!

Start working out people :D