Friday, August 15, 2008


Heyya…I’m back from long MIA =p the adaptation from 1 stage to another seems almost success ~yay =) erm, where to start. Lemme see…….

Ahhaa last weekend was my beautiful cousin’s sister kawin-kawin day =D of course very-the-happy since sangat lama tak gather whole bunch of families. Gossiping + clinging + giggling and the most exciting part ~ lihat2 dua org yg di-matchkan pada hari tersebut akhirnya hampir2 berjaya *wink*

Wedding of IMELDA + ZAINI 08-08-08

Update for some school record. Ramai yang buzz me up to ask bout my school life. More or less what I can say bout it is just ~it’s totally a different world where you hitch with super-duper busy life, never care bout your naptime, mealtime even there will be less free time to hook with your fly and sadly your love one. Not to say difficult but the prerequisite and the high expectations from every angle makes us need to rush every second (or else tercicir la). But all out of that, haruslah ade jugak manisnya. Cling with different levels of epochs and deeds plus pak kepala sekolahnya yang macam2 makes us at least smile a while~ After completed 2 mid-term tests (u don’t need more time to realize actually), what I can conclude about post-graduates are:

1. It’s all about managing your attitude. Starting from what u see, u hear and you say, it will definitely denotes to what u will get in return. It’s a complementary between serious and blissful time. Takdelah amik bulat2 orang kate “dah tak boleh main2 lagi daaa”. You need to have both but made it poise. Barulah rasa diri sangat BAHAGIA =D

2. Foresee and oversee the real meaning of goal will helps you to achieve what you dreams. The temptations on possessing something needs to put on the top of life-list, consequently helps you to re-assure your own future. Work hard for it is the most important key to strive for the star. Gambate kudasai!!

3. Since B is the minimum passing marks (for every subject, every trimester or else flung), it has been the major grounds why you need to prepare almost everyday concerning the subject matter as well as mentally and physically preparations. There is where attitude takes place. Always sabar dan tenang2 aja yang boleh makes you feel happy to cope up with any situations.

These are some key elements which I practice in my life now. Seems it works though. More to the point don’t forget the most important part ~SOLAT~ Allah akan selalu tolong hamba-Nya yang patuh dan taat pada suruhan-Nya~insyaAllah….

Dr Azizi pesan ; if tak sibuk, kene buat2 sibuk. Baru nampak professional =p

Ho-ho-ho kisah percintaanku =D ramai gak yang tanye ~wen ngn tan hong ming ok?~ haruslaaaaa okeeeeh *wink* Even we less meet, even we less see each other, even we less makan2 together, everything remain unchanged!! Kami tetap BAHAGIA n insyaAllah terrrrruuuuuussssss bahagia =D we try to get used of the situations. In a month we only meet once or twice. Go out for mamam2 + manje2 enuffla. Harusla rindu tapi nak buat cammane, takleh jumpe slalu. Kang angau, susah nak blaja =p sometimes pity him la tapi nak buat camne kan……u don’t mind kan honey =)
love birds =)
Okedeh, I think these updates are enuff to cover my stories. Will update anything from time 2 time depending on the free time. So ppl, take care =)