Friday, February 26, 2010

Things you'd like to know about me today :D ~owh HI am BACK :D~

Hello people :D :D :D

MISSING ME??!!! Hahaa now I’m baaaack :D so missing my blog and missing u people sneaking in my blog. Well I bet u guys still did (Statistic shows +-200 viewers each day all around the world WTF!! Oh-oh THANK YOU PEOPLE :D)

A quick update about myself:

1. DONE with my MBA last two weeks :D :D :D Currently waiting for the result. Hopefully it goes well. Can’t wait for all the prezeeeee promised by everybodyyyy :p The journey wasn’t easy, though I made it till last! Alhamdulillah praise to Allah with joy and tears everything’s over finally :)

2. Having blast RETREAT from the day I ended my MBA till yesterday and will be continue tomorrow :p Wondering where? Still in ASIA :) Note that muke didut dah legam, badan didut dah kembang, kaki didut dah ramping ekoran berjalan yang tiada penghujung. Teheheee :D

3. Still searching for good JOB!! Ini penting untuk masa depan. Anybody please to have me as a worker? Hire me please!! 100% GUARANTEED ;p Do you want me to attach my resume here? (sedang beralih angin~EDUCATION line ONLY) :D

4. MISS all my friends from primary school up to GSM buddies but no right time to go lepak together (so sad) my initial plan was ruined by ad hoc thingy. Can I have extra time and surely extra ka-ching to released all the undone plan :p

5. Currently hired by my dad as a part-time typist to pay the traffic summons (told him I need extra money for the vacation “sorry dad, I’m dead if u noe this”). Stated in MyEG acc. Final amount referred to:
a) 30% auto-appeal rate applicable to all Type 1 notices.
b) Appeal amount for Type 2 notices
- Auto-appeal rate of 50% if traffic offenders clear the notices within or on the compound date.
- Auto-appeal rate of 30% if traffic offenders clear the notices after compound date, and before court date.
- No appeal after or on court date.
c) Notices appeal not applicable as follows:
- All notices issued during Ops Sikap.
- All notices for traffic light offense.
- All notices for accident cases.
- All notices that have warrant of arrest.
The worst part is, the summons was issued during OPS SIKAP. Baw au dau wau ha kot polis sentri tu!! Punyala best baru abes final paper, kene saman…Alaahai, now I wish I have at least one sugar daddy. Anybody interested :p CRAP!!!

6. Start reading back all the aged storybooks since the money have to saved for the summons. BENCI!! But i managed to buy 1 new storybook by Sheila O'Flanagan. Hahaa cannot resistla even dah pokai tahap gaban :D

7. I MISS someone sooooooo badly rite now!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE find time for me!

That's all for now. Will be update more if i have more updates to share :D owh yes i forgot one more updates, ngee~

8. I’ve learned to eat yogurt and it’s damn yummylicious bebeyh :D WELCOME healthy lifestyle :D (Aed siap kau ingat kau sorang boleh kurus!!! Muahahaha)

Ok THAT's ALL for now :D will be update more and more after this. See you in next entry people :D