Sunday, November 23, 2008

It's SCHOOL HOLIDAY people!!!!

Hello people..

How’s your weekend?? Me! Owh tremendous!! Why?? It’s SCHOOL HOLIDAY!!! Yeah am not enjoying any school holiday anymore, but hey who cares, their school holidays are also mine!!! Hahahaa =D not only weekends but my weekdays was filled with fantastic activities (of course with the kids or I rather call them “segerombolan kanak-kanak liar” =p) we went to lots of places in KL basically but hey KL has lots of lovely places for kids tau!! From Desa Waterpark to Sg Chongkak, from Sungei Wang to KLCC, from Taman Tasik Perdana to Botani Garden, from Bird Park to National Zoo and of course different new restaurant we tried EVERYDAY!!!! Muke dari putih (tak putih pon sebenarnye, but fairer than nowlaaaaa) jadi rentung, badan dari kurang gemuk (rather use this word than kurus because am soo soooo sooooo not kurus. Hahaa) jadi montel+ tembam+ debab+ super gemok!!!!!! Hahahhaa apela nak jadi ngn aku ni =p

Ok2 back to the sweet stories =) actually am the one who exported them from Johor. 16 of them age from 4-15y.o (that’s why I rather called them SEGEROMBOLAN kanak-kanak liar =p). Just imagine how I guide whole bunch of kiddy for each activities (dah mcm rombongan sekolah okeh =p). The best part I’d say was when we went to the National Zoo. It brings my thought back to 1992 when I was in primary 2. That was the 1st and last time I went there but today hey I’m the leader of the kiddos!!!! See how fast the time moves yet to another stage =) Sungguh teruja melihat haiwan2 yang berada di zoo as well as seeing the kids running here and there to see and feed those animals (by far I saw myself in them back in 1992 =D)

Huh, super HAPPY when i started to talk bout kids and stuff related to kids =) as my preeeeevious post, i did mentioned my passion towards cartoons and toys are beyond everything in this world. Hope my future husband will adapt with this (attention MR TAN HONG MING or anybody yang rase2nye will b my future hub......=p) You guys can come to my house and see my toys collections (sure u'll say "ni bilik kanak2 ke ape" =p) but no Barbies or girly-girly toys okeh =p. Ok stop STOP!!! Once started can't stop pulak talk about it =p

Owh i think enuff for now. Got to run... I hear Ami (he's the youngest in the group) turning my mom's microwave oven on and off!!! (it's not easy to baby-sit the little one. TRUST me!!) untill now, see ya in my next post people =D