Monday, November 3, 2008

Shopping With Me :)

Passionate with bags and accessories, today am going to talk about shopping!!! Truthfully I’m not a shopping addicted in view of the fact that I don’t have MUCH money to splurge on (oh how I wish I’m in my parents shoes rite now) but as a LADY, shopping is my ultimate passion. As for me, I’d prefer branded stuff as the goods with name has their own style and quality. Even the price is much higher, the satisfaction of owning the stuff can never defeat by anything else :p

By the age of 23 with no monthly income (even the allowance from dad are affordable to do that, it’s shameless to use the money to buy our belonging rite?) I always have a dream to buy such brands like Calvin Klein, Etienne Aigner, Liz Claiborne, Monet, DKNY, Burberry, Jimmy Choo as well as Coach bags and accessories. Hik, for those who knew me since I was a kid will definitely startle to hear me saying this ~Wen’s growing up people~ From a so-called-boyish little girl turn up to be uh-huh so into fashionita chica =D no nO NO!! I’m not into fashion essentially, just crazy on bags and accessories. So far I’ve own tons of bags in variety brands but I want more ;( (huhuuu tamak halobanya akuw =p) sensiblela dulu brand sume stock Nike, UCB, Kipling, LeSportsac (yang ala2 teenage girl gitu) ni nak move to next stagela pulak kan =D kate dah nak kawin. Eh??!? Owkay change, kate dah nak kerja. Eh??!? Ok2 change again, kate dah dewasa. Haaa sounds nicer =p.

Ok back to the topic. Since my passion towards bags is beyond the limit, there come my cousin sister act as the life saver *wink* now I can buy any of the above brands I’ve mentioned earlier at the cheaper price because I can directly purchase it from States!!!! Yeeeeehhaaaaaaaa soooo shooo HAPPY =D. Oh just imagine people how much I can save when I can only get Calvin Klein bag at the price less than RM500, Etienne Aigner purse and bag for less than RM380, Liz Claiborne purse and bag for less than
RM500 and Coach bags and accessories for less than RM1500 (depending on the style). Ok, I’m not saying it’s cheap but it’s cheaper than in Malaysia. Oh I am happy, happy and sooo happy (even for my mom’s bday oso can give her either one easily =p)

So people if you're just like me, feel free to text me. I’ll direct you to ship along with me ;D