Tuesday, April 22, 2008

dust bunnies =D

under this couch i found theeeeeeseee homeless kids =D

This morning after my Subuh prayer, I decided to do a little spring cleaning in my room. One of the things was vacuuming under the couch. (I know... Why? No one ever looks under there anyways. Because, I have weird cleaning compulsions that's why! I'll end up working my tush off cleaning all while and in the end no one even notices. Why? Because... I'm the only one who saw it to begin with.)

Regardless, today I had one of those cleaning itches, which I am so glad I did. When i flipped the couch over... Oh My Goodness! It looked as though I had some little homeless kid living under there. There were toys, candle, candy wrappers, pin, you name it, and all piled in with some Major dust bunnies. It's a wonder i haven't died sitting there breathing all that in. My mom entered the room. To me it was my kiddie belongings and me still snatching and grabbing and digging all in it but for her it was just a filthy gross mess. She felt like she needed a breathing apperatice, just waiting for me to finish cleaning while her mouths lecturing me. After seeing her like that, I've come to the conclusion & I end up her lecture by saying ..."Clearly, I am still little girl, cause that is something I still get a thrill!" heheeee =D