Monday, July 6, 2009

Unfortunately we're back

(This entry stayed as a draft since the next day I went back but unfortunately I’m having high fever which denotes to “kurang daya melakukan kerja” syndrome for few days. Providentially, today I’m still alive and yeah, am updating my blog and GOING TO SCHOOL in a while!!! YES, I’m starting my new trimester people :D)

Well it seems the hotels housekeepers have keys to all the locks. And, seeing how the hotels frowns on squatters, we were forced to leave. I knew they would eventually call the police, and a stand off with us in the house, would have been bad. So we're back!

I know before I left I promised to take lots of pictures. Unfortunately every time I turned around my father would say,"You can always take pictures later, let's go..", or I wouldn't have it when I needed it. So, needless to say I just didn't follow through on my promise. In my defense I did spend a lot of time with shopping bags in hands and taking pictures with it is impossible. However somehow I did manage to get a few taken, so the whole vacation wasn't a total loss.

Now for the good stuff picture time...

Jakarta & Bandung, Indonesia

The Lodge

First of all, terima kasih kepada model-model di dalam gambar..eheh :p Well, we arrived at Jakarta around dinner time yet we still haven't get any room to stayed (ouch, it's peak season there, and my dad and uncle were not around to booked it earlier before came). After few hours “stranded idiotically” in the airport, finally we manage to get one. But sad it’s not around Mangga Dua (where it always be a favorite place for tourist to stay, shopping jalan kaki weyh :p). So in Jakarta we stayed in Oasis Amir Hotel. (Nothing to say about this hotel, boleh je laaaaa). In Bandung we stayed in The Felli Hotel. What a very-homey-type of hotel :D Pleasant and highly recommended!! Besides it’s near to town :)

The Food

It’s not a hard thing to deal with when it comes to food in Jakarta as well as Bandung. As long we know and we sure it’s Halal, we can eat it. No weird taste as in Filipina or Thailand or Cambodia, the food is slightly our cultural taste. Summore my late grandmother was a Javanese so the foods already blend with our taste bud. Nasi Padang there serves you variety of side dishes (macam keretapi weyh, rambang perut nak choose :p). Moreover our hotel is beside Aceh’s Restaurant open 24 hours!! All kind of food aku telan :p (Baso Tahu Sup, Me Baso Lidah Bergoyang (hahaha lucu kan?) Roti Choc Cheese, Me Tumis Spesial, Me Cumi (hahaha ni paling lawak macam Cumi dan Ciki jek), Nasi Kepiting (alaa dah tak ingat, Kepiting rasenye and it is Ketam in Bahasa), Goreng Pisang Cheese (almost everythings there will be added some cheese, yang membuatkan hatiku sentiasa girang :D) Es Jagung, Es Mutiara, Es Sarang Telaga and various type of cakes and breads!!)

The Heaven

The most fascinating place for women!!!! Shopping tu weyh!!!!! MasyaAllah mcm tak ingat akhirat ok. It’s extremely CHEAP!! Bandung's shops are filled with products of this far-flung archipelago as well as imported goods. Shopping in Bandung is fun, simple and extensive. (Hihii sorry Jakarta, I’m more in love with Bandung :p) I spent the entire penny for this!! My Father said “Do you need extra rupiah to buy the whole shops? I can give u some…” Shopping like nobody’s care!! Hey c’mon, u can get Zara dress for about less then RM80 weyh! (Dulik ape aku if it’s not ori, dah dpt yg murah, bedal je la :p)

The Rapture

Besides shopping, we went to Kawah Putih or the White Crater. Kawah Putih is located approximately 50 km south of Bandung City. You could reach it by accessing Kopo or Moh. Toha toll road. It would take around 2 hours travelling from Bandung City by car. It didn't matter if you would travel using public transportation, it also became accessible.Basically, Kawah Putih itself is some kind of a sulfuric crater, on the peak of Mount Patuha, becomes such a hidden treasure for adventurer. Later on these days, many facilities have been made by the local tourism authorities, for at least compliant basic needs of travelers, such as public toilet, small eatery, snack counters, and also shuttle car to bring traveler from the entrance to the crater itself.It would take around 5 km of bumpy road upwards to the hill top of the crater from the main entrance, so travelers using large bus, RV, sedan, or automatic car, it would not be suggested. You could park your car in the parking lot, and use the shuttle cars. The object itself only costs around 7000 Rupiahs, approximately RM24.50. Although it is cheap, and sometimes hard to reach (around 2 pm, fog will cover the area, so you need to travel as morning as possible), the beautifulness of it will cover all the hard work to get there. There are lots of fresh juices available when you get there and they even have chocolate fountain at the shops!!

Well, I better go for now..It's almost 6 and i haven't get dress for school yet. Agegee :D It was nice of you to drop by though :)