Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dedicated to Ayeen Darlingsss :) (PINK is her fav.)

I’ve been called to post an entry about fairy tales stories. My very sweet beautiful friend posted on her facebook status saying “Someone should sue Disney for planting little girls mind which there will always has a prince charming for the girls and live happily ever after” (I’m sorry Ayeen, I couldn’t remember the exact sentence you’ve posted but people, it’s something like this).
She is so true in giving such opinion and it’s very common for people like us thinking that way. Fairy tales stories will always end up happily ever after, living with the prince charming, beautiful princess talking to the sweet animals as their friends, having good life (even she have been the stepmom’s servant for quite some times :p), beautiful voice to sing their favorite songs, lot’s of candies and chocolates everywhere, been dear and missed by everyone and yada yada beautiful and amazing thingy. When a little kids watch the stories, there will be nonstop smiling and laughing by them. (I’m trying to be exaggerate :p).

But hey, in my opinion as a fairy tales lover (yes, I can’t live without fairytale, cartoons and all the kids stuff!!), Disney shouldn’t be blamed. What they tried to enlighten is that everyone deserve a happy life throughout the days and the kids should understand since young the concept of “we can change it” instead of “it’s all fated” then end of the day, the happiness is there :). Yes I admit, living in this world has tons of things to think, tons of problems to faced, tons of matter to cry and laugh on but hey, try to enjoy your life. Don’t let those things screwed your life. Living in this world is a chance to face, try and repair whatever been fixed by the creator. That is what we call as challenge! Up to my time of living, I faced tons of tribulations but I tried to swab it away bit by bit because Disney thot me of doing that, and I know my life will be happily ever after, InsyaAllah :)

So Ayeen dear, it’s not wrong to think as what u supposed but as I said, cheer yourself as how the fairy tales did. Indeed you are a darling person which everybody loves you most dear. The fairy tales story certainly our life tales :)
NOTE: To my dearest reader, this entry is cordially dedicated to you all as well. We try together to be better and better than yesterday. With warmly and sensible heart, I would like to say I LOVE YOU guys soo much!!

Cerita hari semalam

People people people!!

My car got hit by a drunk old ca ya nun aliff while I’m driving to school yesterday!! The worst part was he went out from his car in unconscious condition, unzipped and unbuttons pants, smiling like not knowing anything and incessantly pursing his lips toward me WTF!! Called THM for the price of the reparation and asked him to pay me. He refused and tried to seduce me oh WTF WTF WTF WTF!! Few minutes after, dad came and had a slow talk with him. Cool je daddy confront and me still like crazy women asked him to be fast (I’m late for school people, its 6.15 and I’m still at my housing area!!). Got the money and made my way to school. Feel annoyed not because of the damages but because of the old mad cow!! Hiiissh tak pernah pulak accident dgn org mabuk ni…Hmmm…….

After Subuh prayer this morning dad had a talk with me.

“Dik, next times don’t be too harsh. I knew it was his fault but I think you shouldn’t
yelled to him like that”

“I’ve no idea nape I marah sangat dad. I noe sikit je… Maybe because of him kot…..”

~Daddy sayaaang, I have to be that way. Orang lelaki mmg tak boleh diberi muka nnt dipijak kepala. Orang perempuan tak boleh lemah, if you know its right to do what you think is right, just do!! Baru orang lelaki takuuuttttt…right giiirrrlllsss????!!!

(Sorry there's no Wordless Wednesday post today due to this entry)