Tuesday, November 25, 2008

so WHAT!!!

Oh woe is me!! blah blah blah....I'm so fed up of everybody having a "sad story"...almost as if they alone are plagued by the crap this world sometimes dumps on us!!!

oh shit man...everybody has a "story". Everybody has had disappointment and sadness and yes some people may go through a lot more shit than others...but that doesnt make you or them any less of a person.

So what...bad shit happened to you when u were little...the shit still keeps on coming, but are u gonna let that dictate ur pace today? Are u gonna let the negative take over the postivity of LIFE?

No and again NO!!!

We are who we want to be...since the all the power of our destiny lies within us! It is up to us to unleash that power on this shitty world or let the shit of this world consume us!

over and out...
Luv's enuff ppl!