Saturday, September 13, 2008

CT scan.....

Hello people…..what a hectic week I had. My to-do-list keep on increasing like there’s no signal to stop. Wajib untuk add at least 1 thing a day. Plus 1 test just over this morning. OMG it’s easier said than done!! No idea what rubbish I wrote on those piece of paper and totally no idea what outcome will I get. *sigh-sigh and forever sigh*. Hopefully at least I pass the paper.

Owh ya people essentially am blogging direct from Subang Jaya Medical Centre. What I’m doing here? My grandmother was admitted around 5 o’clock today due to the heart infection and she needs to going through some therapy and all those scanning thingy tomorrow. Since am the only cucu emas yang disayangi (hahahaaa ex-cucu emas dah lame dihapuskan =p) I am the chosen one to look after her. Lil’ bit bored when my grandma started to sleep, I try to search any wireless signal and hikhik not much expected, ade rupenye wireless spot here (upgraded from past few years maybe =p). Easier to complete some of my to-do-list =p However the food still like when she was admitted 4 yrs back. Sangat tidak sedap!!! And the room, even they expanded the hospital area, the private room still small as before. On this matter still tidak memuaskan lagi! Conversely it could cover with the tip top service from the doctors and staff nurse. Orang sakit pon boleh terus jadi baik =D SUPERB!!!

Orite, enuff for some complaining. I can’t wait to see tomorrow!! Why? Owyea, ex-Unitenian will gather for fast breaker at Tupai2 yang tak berapela nak sedapnye. But we’ll see tomorrow dah sedap atau still tak mcm dulu lagi =p It was proposed by Miss Nora for the venue. Hope we enjoy the gathering (InsyaALLAH I’ll post some of photos after the gathering) okla people, tb2 rase mcm da ngantuk………….catch my next post ya! Adios =D