Saturday, January 24, 2009

I hate 19-25/1!!

This whole week sucks which got me rilly pissed off!!! Reasons:

  1. The-8-pages-assignment (not copy paste work ok) gone by the VIRUS flew it away!
  2. Re-do it but then GONE again!
  3. Check the computer system and found tons of viruses in it!
  4. Clear it and the computer went OK (I guess)
  5. Next project, 4-pages-assignment (again, its not copy paste work) missing! I did save it but I’m not able to find it (I wonder where is it located until now!)
  6. Re-do it but the satisfaction ‘0’ due to the contents not perfect as the first one!
  7. Mid term results scrunch up my heart and mind into pieces!
  8. On diet which denotes to NO FOOD JUST DRINK makes me suffer like hell!
  9. Will be going back to Johor by bus (oh how I hate it so much!)
  10. Keep on thinking malang yang tak habis-habis menimpa…addduuuuhhhh =(

.......GOSH.nway, GONG XI FATT CHOY to the chinese....