Friday, June 4, 2010

Moshi Moshi :D

I was stuck in horrible traffic when I thought to start back writing. It been ages but yeah, am back people. Back with more confidence to face THE LIFE :) million thanks for those who still stop by and read, comment, compliment and and and and…………STOP kamu perasan too much Wendut!! Eheee HELLO PEOPLE :)

Let’s do a lil’ update about me here. I’m currently working. Yup almost 2 months donating my energy to the big “S”. HECTIC is the best word to describe how awful my job is. Working till night, chasing urgent this and crucial that. This is not what I’m expecting. Though at the end of the month I’ll receive the paycheck, still the satisfaction is not there. But……I’m acclimatizing myself into the environment slowly. No pain no gain aite?? SMILE WENDUT :) Back then when I was doing my schooling, few friends including THM crabby on their work. Tired, hectic, hatred all become one and all I said was “Sabar, kerja kan mmg mcm tu” but they keep on complaining again and again. Now bila Wendut dah kerja, HAH amek kau!!! U can’t even remember u used to tell them that!!! Hahaa it’s funny to think about it :) Too much grumble Wendut! Nanti Allah tarik balik ape yang Dia dah kasi kang…Nauzubillah~

Despite the fact that I don’t really like my working life, the other half of my life contributing more cheerful pattern :D Family and the BIG family are always AWESOME!!! Added with the love life by Tan Hong Ming makes more SPLENDID!!! Our love goes stronger each day. He’s the best thing I never knew I needed. For the ending of my first begin, for the rare and unexpected friend, for the way he’s something that I'd never choose but at the same time, something I don't wanna lose. I just realized that I love Tan Hong Ming so sooo shoooo much!!! (Owh pliss kamu menggedik sungguh Wendut! Tiba2 expose feeling begitu sekali..bahah POYO) Enough with that Wendut, nnt orang vomit their McD’s out :p

I left out lots of sports stories… From Thomas Cup to Tennis French Open. NO UPDATE at all! I watched them but it’s too late to share rasanya. All I wanted to say is that French Open outfits (women basically) are all absolutely FABULOUS!!! I love to see Samantha Stosur’s shades (Owh fantabulous yawl :D)

Eheh I think enuff for my update for this moment. Will be right back whenever am freee :) Thanks for those who cares and peep my writing. Till then, ADIOS~~



hied said...

Welcome Back!!!!!!!!!!!! aDOi~ sangat lame nak tunggu ko update.. ehh..dah keje ekk?? [see..aku tak tau pon!] anyway..all the best~

RolexPhang said...

hi wen !!! banyaknya tulis, but i never feel tired or bored reading it even its double the size !!!

its true u long time didnt miss u !!...

Relax lah, kerja kan memang macam itu !! hahahaha..have fun lah..try to find something that motivates u in working !! budak hensem ke...makanan yang sedap ke !! fikir yea !!..

all the best Wen !!!

aj wen said...

dayah- hihihiii mmg sangat lama sudaaah :p aku mmg tak warwarkan (en saat mesti bangga dgn penggunaan base melayu aku yang jitu :p) kat kwn2 yg aku dah kerja...hihii semua org dah keje lagiiii awal dr aku x kecoh pon takkan aku nk lebeyh2 weyh..haha nway tanx dear cuzzie :)

phang- thank you for missing me...hahaaa perasan lagi :p hihiii synergy takde lah kat borrriiing :p u join laa baru best sikit :D kerja senyapla..tak huhahuha, tu yg tak best :)

d7 said...

hahah kamu update da yehhhh!!
tsk tsk.. same la kite wennnn!!
me dont like workling life so much but what to do.. life must goes on..
huhuh.. wennnnnn miss u so much la babe!! sobbbb xoxo to infinity!!

WENdut said...

hahaa sadlaaa tapi....skarang dah tak sgt..sbb..........jeng jeng jeng tgu my coming post :p