Saturday, February 5, 2011

Adoooilah Vietnam :)

Hello people :)

Few weeks back, kecoh kat Malaysia saying Facebook will shutdown. Everybody was like, how my life withput facebook, what im gonna do without facebook, how am i going to live my life without facebook, aah so bor-ring without facebook, mati kot kalau takde facebook and so on. But it was just a rumors perhaps. Everybody is still enjoying facebook till now. But hey I AM NOT IN VIETNAM!!! FYI people, i CAN'T access FB in Vietnam. One of Viatnamese people told me when I asked him y i couldn't access facebook since the day i came and he said Vietnam Gov banned Facebook on their holiday season. Ouh that was @#$%#$%&^!! Now i know how does is feels life WITHOUT FACEBOOK! Its only 2 weeks people without facebook but seriously i can't stand....Saya RINDUKAN MALAYSIA (ohtakpasal-pasal). Susah weyh nak keep in touch dgn sahabat handai. The worst part is when u have nothing to do in hotels room and u already flip all your frens blog and done....Dah takde ape lagi dah nak buat...FINALLY TENGOK BALIK FRIENDSTER YANG DAH BERSAWANG!! hahahaa baru kau tau best tak best friendster tu :D

That was one. Lagi satu yang maha menyakitkan hati....YAHOOMAIL pon kadang2 tak boleh access!! Owh apekah tempat ini?? When yahoomail can't access, indirectly YM juga tidak boleh sign in which denotes to DOUBLE BORING!! ~gilahidupakudisini~ But its a bit OK for me but i keep on thinking how their people survive without those social network?? P-I-T-Y.
(Note: At least i get to experience LIFE WITHOUT FACEBOOK..hehee)

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